Installation of the correction coils

News, 20 July 2022

On 19 July, another stage of work was completed in the Laboratory of High Energy Physics JINR according to a plan for preparing the MPD solenoid for obtaining the magnetic field. VBLHEP specialists assembled and aligned the correction coils TRIM 1 and TRIM 2 with the poles of the MPD facility magnetic circuit.

The precise installation of the coils into the magnetic circuit, along with the installation of the solenoid into the magnetic circuit, is an important part for obtaining a uniform magnetic field. After the coils were installed into the pole, their alignment was carried out. The deviation of the coil-pole alignment for TRIM 2 and TRIM 1 was 0.47 and 1.29 mm, respectively. This fully fits into a tolerance of 2 mm.

On that day, specialists received a carbon fibre frame from Khotkovo and placed it in the MPD hall. This frame will be installed into the solenoid, and detectors will be installed inside it.

Also, specialists continue the assembly of the cryogenic unit connecting the solenoid to the control Dewar, which is a part of the cryogenic cooling system of the solenoid. The unit has successfully passed leak tests.

In August 2022, it is planned to assemble the magnetic circuit and install the upper platform, and from September we will start the placement and assembly of the equipment of the vacuum and cryogenic solenoid system.