International School of Accelerator Physics: Cyclotrons invites applications

News, 28 May 2024

On 25-30 August 2024, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research will organize the International School of Accelerator Physics: Cyclotrons for young researchers under 35. Registration is open from 27 May to 24 June via the link. Employees of scientific organizations, students, and graduates of universities are invited to participate.

School topics:

  • fundamental and applied research on cyclotrons,
  • theoretical foundations of accelerator physics,
  • main engineering systems of cyclotrons,
  • overview of the FLNP Accelerator Complex.

Modern cyclic charged particle accelerators are intricate complexes featuring all the advanced achievements of science and technology. Such facilities play an important role in modern research in various directions: fundamental research in the field of elementary particles and mechanisms of nuclear reactions, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, materials science, sterilisation, agriculture, etc.

The scientific programme of the school focuses on an in-depth study of the basic principles of operation of cyclic accelerators and the principles of design and maintenance of the main systems of cyclotrons. Special attention is paid to the facilities of the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, where scientists carry out advanced fundamental and applied research.

The number of participants is limited. If the maximum number is exceeded, the applicants will be selected. The venue is the Country Resort Hotel (Moscow Region, Taldom District, Verbilki Village).

More details are available on the event page in Indico.