International Scientific Forum in Kazakhstan

News, 26 September 2022

Today, on 26 September, the fourth International Scientific Forum “Nuclear Science and Technologies” started at the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty. This time, the annual event is dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the Institute of Nuclear Physics.

Speaking at the opening of the Forum, JINR Director, RAS Academician Grigory Trubnikov highlighted that this year is marked both by the anniversary of the Institute of Nuclear Physics and the 30th anniversary of the accession of the Republic of Kazakhstan to JINR Member States. “Fruitful scientific ties of JINR scientists with colleagues from Kazakhstan are being strengthened and expanded. Together with Kazakhstani scientists, members of our international scientific family, we are confident about our future!” he highlighted. In honour of the cooperation anniversary, a special round table dedicated to cooperation between JINR and the Republic of Kazakhstan will be held within the framework of the Forum. Commenting on the Forum, the JINR Director expressed confidence that the event would contribute to the establishment of new contacts, give impetus to new projects and ideas.

Participants of the International Forum were welcomed by representatives of both international scientific organizations, in particular CERN, and diplomatic missions, including the USA, Japan, Belgium in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Within the framework of two plenary meetings, FLNR Deputy Scientific Leader Mikhail Itkis will make a report on collaborative research of JINR and INP in Almaty, FLNP Director Valery Shvetsov will talk about the neutron scattering method for condensed matter research at the IBR-2 reactor, LRB Director Aleksandr Bugay will report on the radiobiological research at JINR. Head of FLNP Sector Mikhail Avdeev will devote his plenary report to the neutron scattering research of materials and transient processes in lithium energy storage devices at the IBR-2 reactor of FLNP JINR.

At the Forum, there will be reports presented within one of the sections devoted to nuclear physics, radiation solid state physics and problems of materials science, atomic energy, radiation ecology and methods of analysis, nuclear and radiation technologies in medicine, industry, and agriculture. Leading JINR staff members will also speak at topical sessions.

In addition to plenary meetings, the Forum will host the 14th International Conference “Nuclear and Radiation Physics”, the 3rd International Conference “Nuclear and Radiation Technologies in Medicine, Industry, and Agriculture”, the 6th ISTC-CERN-Kazakhstan Summer School, an International Workshop “Decarbonization and the Role of Hydrogen in Kazakhstan”.

The Forum is organized by the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, RSE “Institute of Nuclear Physics” of the Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan, RSE “National Nuclear Centre of the Republic of Kazakhstan” of the Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan, L. N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. The event will last until 30 September.