JINR Autumn School of Information Technologies

Education, 14 November 2022

On 14 November, the first JINR Autumn School of Information Technologies started at the Laboratory of Information Technologies. 60 senior students of 13 universities, including those ones where JINR Information Centres operate, are participating in the event. Within the framework of the School, the updated Govorun supercomputer with increased computing power and ultra-fast memory has been presented.

Opening the School, Director of the Laboratory of Information Technologies Vladimir Korenkov spoke about the differences between the School and other educational programmes of MLIT. “It is a special School. We expect that those students participating in it will write their Bachelor’s and Master’s theses on our topics,” he said. Vladimir Korenkov also highlighted that the School supposes long-term cooperation of students with the Institute, which will contribute to their professional training as specialists of a very high level. “We hope that many of them will connect their lives with JINR or stay in their regions, but will continue working in the scientific collaborations of the Institute,” he added.

The first day of the School started with a report by JINR Director, RAS Academician Grigory Trubnikov. He presented to participants of the School the Institute’s development strategy for 2024-2030 and its flagship projects: the NICA Accelerator Complex, the Baikal-GVD Neutrino Telescope, the SHE Factory. Grigory Trubnikov told the audience about innovative research and the international programme in the field of life sciences, as well as the JINR IT cluster. JINR Director particularly noted the Digital JINR ecosystem being developed at JINR aimed at uniting various information and functional systems of scientific, organizational, administrative, and service activities of the Institute. The presentation of this project will take place at the upcoming CP JINR session in Egypt next week.

“The value of Dubna is that we have a unique scientific infrastructure, a scientific team, and a scientific environment. In the atmosphere of an international scientific centre, it is right to gain experience, new knowledge, new contacts in order to realise your full potential wherever is comfortable,” Grigory Trubnikov said guiding participants of the School.

Vladimir Korenkov continued the programme of the first day of the School with his report on the IT infrastructure of the Institute, the main projects implemented at MLIT. “In addition to our traditional areas, which we have always developed, such as the JINR Multifunctional Information and Computing Complex, computing for megascience projects, a new direction of Deep learning has appeared. Computing and collaboration support at the NICA Collider are also among our key tasks,” he said.

Vladimir Voevodin, RAS Corresponding Member, Head of the MSU Department of Super Computers and Quantum Informatics, Director of the MSU Research Computer Centre and the MSU branch in Sarov, presented his report on the supercomputer systems existing in the world and features of algorithm structures.

The JINR Autumn School of Information Technologies will last until 18 November. Participants will learn about distributed and high-performance computing for solving problems at the NICA Accelerator Complex and the JINR neutrino programme. JINR scientists will speak about machine learning and artificial intelligence for solving applied and scientific tasks of JINR. One more aim of the School is to introduce participants to mathematical modeling, numerical methods, algorithms for solving applied problems of JINR. Modern methods and technologies of data processing and analysis will be presented to students.

On Wednesday, 16 November, within the framework of the event, Head of the Social Infrastructure Management Office Andrey Tamonov will deliver his lecture. Moreover, Acting Director of the JINR University Centre Alexander Verkheev will introduce students to the educational programmes of the Institute. Participants of the School will get information about the activity of the Association of Young Scientists and Specialists of JINR, which will be presented to them by its Chairman Vladislav Rozhkov.

At the end of each day of the School, students and teachers will jointly discuss materials of lectures and classes, as well as possible topics of graduation theses on research directions of JINR.

The second stage of the School is the JINR Spring School of Information Technologies, at which students will present the results of joint work with JINR employees on selected topics of graduation theses. The second School is scheduled for April 2023.

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