JINR Days in Azerbaijan

Organization, 18 October 2016

From 12th to 14th of October 2016 in Baku, Azerbaijan, events dedicated to the 60th Anniversary of JINR were held, namely the session of the Working Group of the Finance Committee (FC) under the JINR CPP chairmanship and the traditional event for the JINR Member States this year – “JINR Days”.

The session of the JINR FC Working Group was held on the 12th of October in the building of the Presidium of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) under the chairmanship of professor Lachezar Kostov – the Plenipotentiary Representative of Bulgaria. In accordance with tradition, financial issues that demand closer consideration during the upcoming session of the Finance Committee and the Committee of Plenipotentiaries of the Governments of JINR Member States were discussed.

The JINR Days in Azerbaijan started on the 13th of October in the House of Scientists located in the science campus of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.

The official part of the event was conducted under the chairmanship of Akif Alizadeh – the president of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. Among the honourable guests there were representatives of the embassies of the JINR Member States, including the Ambassador of the Russian Federation, the Ambassador of Poland, First Secretaries of the Embassies of the Czech Republic, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Belarus and members of the Academy of Sciences which were actively participating in development and strengthening of cooperation with JINR.

During the session, apart from the welcome speeches by guests of the event, reports by JINR Director V. Matveev and Director of the Veksler and Baldin Laboratory of High Energy Physics V. Kekelidze were heard. The final stage of the official part was visiting the institutes of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences, the National Centre for Nuclear Research and the Baku State University.

The guests’ attention was drawn by the poster exhibition devoted to the JINR anniversary. There were not only posters reflecting the priority directions of each JINR laboratory activity but also those related to the history of Azerbaijan-JINR cooperation.

As a token of respect and gratitude for the contribution into the development of Azerbaijan-JINR cooperation the members of JINR delegation along with the invited guests – the participants of the Working Group – were awarded with medals dedicated to the 70th ANAS anniversary, and JINR Director V. Matveev – with the medal bearing the name of Nasreddin Tusi.