JINR, FEFU, FEB RAS, and Primorsky Krai Government signed cooperation agreement

News, 12 October 2022

The quadripartite agreement signed on 10 October provides for personnel training and developing nuclear physics research in the region. New departments at FEFU will be opened and specialists for the constructed Russian Photon Source synchrotron will be trained. The parties will attract international scientific centres from the Asia-Pacific region in the developments. Furthermore, training will be provided not only to school physics teachers, but also to mathematics teachers in the Far East Region.

“The strategic task of training highly qualified personnel has already gone beyond scientific schools and university classrooms. It is the object of universal attention, including that of regional leaders,” JINR Director Grigory Trubnikov noted in his comment. “Megascience projects are magnets for young talents and a powerful motivator. JINR is ready to share its experience in this direction.” The Institute has already launched projects for this task. Last week physics teachers from Primorsky Krai attended an internship at the JINR University Centre. The meeting in Vladivostok included a diploma award ceremony for the participants.

The agreement includes regulations for the development of innovative projects in the fields of megascience, materials science, information technology, nuclear medicine, radiobiology, life sciences, biomedicine, theoretical physics, ecology, and archaeology.

“The contribution of your Institute will be significant in the construction of FEFU second stage. The opportunity will appear to open new departments for engineering and technical specialities that deal with research in nuclear physics, its peaceful uses: in the health care system, education,” Governor of Primorsky Krai Oleg Kozhemyako said. “The key university of Primorye, FEFU, is ready to establish close cooperation, to take a new step in developing science and training specialists in Far East.” He also stressed that the region, in return, would provide all the conditions for this work.

Photos by FEFU press office

“The signed agreement will help to train personnel, particularly for the unique megascience synchrotron RPS, which we will have over the next five years. Specialists will work on modern challenges and solve problems in the actual economic sector,” Acting FEFU President Boris Korobets said. The parties also outlined the possibility of cooperation in scientific tourism, laser technology, nature-like technologies, and other projects beneficial to the economy of the region.

On the same day, at the FEB RAS Presidium, JINR and FEFU representatives held a round table “Megascience facilities: science and technology for macro-regional development”.

On behalf of the Joint Institute, JINR Scientific Leader Victor Matveev welcomed the participants and stressed the importance of developing an interest in science among young people. “To push science forward, financial and material resources are not enough. Talent and intelligence are very important. We are ready to work together to popularise scientific knowledge so that young people can be interested in science from school, perhaps even from kindergarten,” he said, emphasising the need for the authorities to understand the importance of cultivating love for science among young people.

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Presenting a report on the JINR scientific programme at the round table, Director of the Institute Grigory Trubnikov paid special attention to the prospects of cooperation between the Dubna international organization, FEFU, and FEB RAS. “I propose that FEFU and FEB RAS use Dubna experience not only in setting up facilities, but also in creating user programmes and international collaborations. We are ready to participate and contribute greatly in this direction, engaging in projects in the Far East not only Russian employees but also personnel from the Member States,” Grigory Trubnikov noted.

In his comments, Acting FEFU President Boris Korobets pointed out the importance of cooperation to achieve common goals. “Active work is now being carried out on the synchrotron RPS. FEFU and the Eastern Branch of RAS are concentrating their efforts on this facility. I sincerely believe that only by working closely together, side by side with JINR support, this ambitious task can be fulfilled,” he said.

JINR delegation took part in the Far Eastern Forum of Young Scientists and Innovators Vostok.Nauka II. Round table discussions were held: on international cooperation, the popularisation of science, and cooperation in education, science, and technology. JINR representatives gave a number of lectures to the participants of the Forum. A masterclass on virtual physics laboratory works was organized for schoolchildren.