JINR participates in RUDN University Space Week

News, 04 October 2022

The Joint Institute is taking part in the second RUDN University Space Week organized by RUDN University on 4 – 7 October.

On behalf of JINR, Chief Scientific Secretary Sergey Nedelko addressed the audience with a welcoming speech, in which he spoke about JINR, its organization, and scientific activities.

He noted that it might seem that research areas of JINR are far from the topic of the Festival, but the Institute is quite involved in space research. JINR has a number of facilities for radiation research promising for space industry. In addition to the main fundamental studies, specialists carry out applied work at the laboratories of the Institute. In particular, they study radiation effects on living organisms and electronics. “Such work on radiation serves as a sort of a bridge to space research,” Sergey Nedelko highlighted. He also invited students participating in the Festival to visit the international centre in Dubna. The speaker noted that specialists of almost all the laboratories of the Institute are involved in JINR radiation studies. Such research contributes to the development of areas like life sciences and materials science. Sergey Nedelko highlighted the international law regulation in science and technology as another area of interest. He also stressed that it is important for JINR to be both a participant and a listener of such expert discussions.

RUDN University Space Week is held jointly by Gennadiy Zhukov International Space Law Centre of RUDN and the Academy of Engineering of RUDN. The agenda of the event covers online lectures and question-and-answer sessions. This year the event offers a series of panel discussions with prominent representatives of space science and technology, space law and policy, and the Round Table on Current Issues of International Space Law.