JINR research presented to scientific community of Kazakhstan

News, 07 November 2023

A scientific seminar took place at the Institute of Nuclear Physics on 3 November 2023 in a hybrid format, at which young scientists of the National Group of the Republic of Kazakhstan at JINR (NGRK) presented their scientific papers. Students and doctoral students of leading universities of Almaty, as well as employees of research institutes participated in the event. The National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan (NAS RK) under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan organized the event.

Vice-President of the Board of the Academy of Sciences Abay Serikkanov. He spoke about the plans of the Academy of Sciences to organize scientific events, emphasising the importance of disseminating information about the scientific work of researchers from Kazakhstan both at the national level and within international scientific communities. JINR is an effective platform for expanding Kazakhstan’s international scientific cooperation and the country’s participation in large-scale projects. Thus, the JINR and NAS RK agreement, signed in October this year, is able to strengthen and expand existing cooperation.

Yerzhan Mukhamejanov spoke about important aspects of modern research in the field of nuclear physics at JINR. As NGRK Head at JINR, he presented the main research directions of Kazakh scientists at the Institute, their achievements, and scientific prospects.

JINR representatives from the Republic of Kazakhstan introduced the students to the activities of the laboratories in which they work. Flagship projects such as synthesis of superheavy elements (Dastan Ibadullayev, FLNR), NICA Megascience Project (Dosbol Baigarashev, VBLHEP) and Baikal-GVD (Viktoriya Dik, DLNP), materials science research (Meir Yerdauletov, FLNP), as well as JINR computing power (Yelena Mazhitova, MLIT) were presented, including cloud storage systems for ordinary users and capabilities for storing and processing data of megaprojects.

The seminar programme included discussions on the topics of the presented reports, during which an open dialogue took place. The participants discussed important scientific issues, exchanged opinions and ideas. The participants and organizers of the event expressed a common opinion that scientific cooperation and international research in collaboration with such a leading scientific centre as JINR provide an opportunity for Kazakh scientists to develop their competencies in nuclear technologies and promote the exchange of knowledge and experience with the world scientific community.