JINR to develop cooperation with Tula region

News, 01 October 2021

On 30 September, JINR Director Academician Grigory Trubnikov met with a delegation of representatives of the Administration and universities of the Tula region. Anton Emelyanenko, Chairman of the Science and Innovation Committee of the Tula region, Oleg Kravchenko, Acting Rector of Tula State University, and Konstantin Podrezov, Vice-Rector of Tula State Lev Tolstoy University, arrived in Dubna to discuss prospects for the development of cooperation between the Tula region and the Joint Institute.

At the meeting, Grigory Trubnikov outlined the interest of the Joint Institute in science-based companies of the Tula region. “Within the framework of our scientific projects, we have a demand for the production of a number of high-tech products,” the JINR Director noted.

Anton Emelyanenko in his turn said that nowadays the Tula region aims at intense development in the fields of science-based technologies. “Heads of the Tula region focus on active scientific and technological enhancement, as well as on interregional and international cooperation in this realm. This visit is a perfect opportunity for us to learn about your potential and developments thus to determine opportunities for the development of bilateral cooperation,” he noted.

The parties discussed opportunities for the development of scientific and technological cooperation, in particular, participants of the event discussed the enhancement of interaction in the fields of medical technologies in the area of production of membrane filters, as well as in the fields of JINR applied studies. Moreover, the parties noted mutual interest in the cooperation improvement in education and training of the highly qualified staff. The basis for this is the existing agreement on cooperation with Tula State University. At the end of the event, the parties agreed to organize a return visit of JINR representatives to specify the fields for the scientific-technological and educational cooperation.

To learn about the scientific infrastructure of JINR, the guests visited the Laboratory of High Energy Physics where they got acquainted with the implementation of the NICA megascience project and the factory of superconducting magnets. The delegation also visited the Laboratory of Neutron Physics to learn about the IBR-2 research reactor.

Photos by Igor Lapenko