JINR to hold Navigator Festival for second time

News, 31 August 2023

On 9 September, all schoolchildren and their parents are welcome to the JINR Universal Public Library to take part in Navigator, the second festival of additional development and education. During the festival day, parents will be able to get firsthand information about extracurricular activities and opportunities for additional education and development for children in Dubna. This will help them build an educational trajectory for their children for the next academic year. Participants of the festival will involve young guests in different workshops, games, lectures, and other activities. Admission is free. The events of the festival will take place from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Organizers: JINR Universal Public Library and the JINR Women’s Committee.

“We are organizing the festival for the second time this year. It was first held in May, and, I must say, with great success,” senior librarian of Blokhinka Olga Gaponova says. “Children had a chance to mould clay, solve puzzles, make beaded bracelets, and much more. And parents received a lot of information about the opportunities for additional education in our city, including holiday programmes and intensive courses. Last time the highlights of the festival were dancing and a theatre workshop. Now we are planning to organize a fashion show in addition to dancing. Plus there are more dance crews participating. This time we will draw attention to the shortcomings of the first festival, which were mainly organizational, and make navigation and schedule of workshops and events more convenient. In addition, we will get several assistants. It is no coincidence that we called the festival Navigator. The main emphasis was on parents making an informed choice of the development route for each child. It is planned that the festival will become an annual event”.

Among the new features are special booklets that will be handed out to all guests for them to get information about the participants and make notes to further study all the offers at home in a calm atmosphere. In addition, visitors of the library will enjoy a souvenir and discount raffle that day.

Chairman of the JINR Women’s Committee, Senior Specialist of the International Cooperation Department at JINR Elena Badawy noted that there is a great demand for such a festival among the Institute’s employees, because the format allows to get acquainted with many options of extracurricular education at one venue. “It saves a lot of parents’ time and allows them to get a full picture of the whole variety of children’s education and creative development organizations represented in the city. The unique feature of our science city is not only the significant scientific and technological potential of its residents, but also the high requirements for the quality and variability of children’s education”, Elena Badawy noted.