JINR Youth Grant Competition 2021

Grants, 30 October 2020

Association of Young Scientists and Specialists (AYSS) of JINR announces a Grant Competition for JINR Young Scientists and Specialists 2021.

Young scientists and specialists of JINR and skilled workers of JINR departments (under 35 years old) are invited to take part in the Grant Competition.

Terms and conditions of participation in the Competition can be found in the grant regulations (in Russian).

The deadline for submission of the grant applications is 22 November 2020, 6:00 PM.

We kindly ask you take into account the steps of registration:

  1. Download, fill in and sign the Application form.
  2. Attach the scanned file with the your and your supervisor’s signatures to the Registration form.
    Please, save the file with Application form with the title Grant_2021_.

Applications are made online.

Choose the correct category for the competition based on your primary activity and scientific degree. For example, engineers involved in research should apply for Grant Competition for young scientists; engineers dealing with technical problems should apply for Grant Competition for young specialists.

For inquiries please contact our colleagues:

Gertsenberger Svetlana, tel. +7-496-216-62-05, +7-985-912-81-25, e-mail: berger@jinr.ru

Fomina Marya, tel. +7-496-216-36-05, +7-926-830-95-02, e-mail: masjnj.89@mail.ru

Kolesnikova Inna, tel. +7-926-056-86-79, e-mail: innakolesnikova@jinr.ru

Pikelner Andrey, tel. +7-977-644-99-25, pikelner@theor.jinr.ru

LIT and UC
Derenovskaya Olga, office. 334, tel. +7-496-216-48-26, +7-965-263-12-03, e-mail: aysslit@gmail.com

Pugachev Dmitriy, tel. +7-496-216-42-43 , e-mail: pugachev@jinr.ru

Rutkauskas Anton, tel. +7-968-097-47-14, e-mail: ranton@nf.jinr.ru

Offices and Departments
Krasnov Alexey, tel. +7-496-216-57-79, e-mail: omatyukhina@jinr.ru