Konnichiwa, JINR!

Education, 05 March 2018

During three days, from 27 February to 1 March 2018, students of the Japanese university of Kindai, Osaka, got acquainted with the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.

The visit was a part of the Monozukuri Project, implemented with the Dubna University participation. The aim of the project is exchange of experience between Japanese and Russian universities and training of highly qualified specialists in technical and scientific fields. 12 students and 2 professors visited JINR.

Acquaintance with JINR began with the video lecture “NICA – Universe in the Lab” and excursion to the hall of assembling and testing of superconducting magnets for the accelerator complex that is under construction. The excursion was delivered by VBLHEP Engineer O. Kazinova.

The guests were welcomed at the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, where FLNR Scientific Secretary A. Karpov delivered a lecture on the synthesis of superheavy elements and plans for development of the Laboratory. FLNR Group Leader A.Voinov showed the guests around the U-400M, IC-100 accelerators and the Superheavy Elements Factory.

The visit of the Japanese students to JINR was completed by an informal meeting with FLNR Scientific Leader Academician Yu.Ts. Oganessian. The meeting was held in the memorial office of the Laboratory’s founder Academician G.N. Flerov. During the conversation, Yuri Tsolakovich spoke about his way to science, the importance of attracting the youth to scientific research. The Japanese students had an opportunity to ask questions of their interest to the famous scientist.