Lev Tomilchik turns 80

News, 07 April 2011

The JINR Directorate and the multinational team of JINR congratulated Lev Tomilchik on his 80th birthday. Lev Tomilchik is a well-known Belarussian theoretical physicist and science popularizer, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, professor, Сhief Researcher at the Institute of Physics.

The greeting signed by Professor M. Itkis says that Professor Tomilchik’s research in the fields of electrodynamics of magnetic charge, optics, mathematical physics and astrophysics have already become classical. The whole generation of modern Belarussian physicists has grown up on his excellent lectures on quantum mechanics, theory of groups and elementary particles physics. A lot of young people dedicated their lives to science as a result of popular lectures, articles and speeches by professor Tomilchik and his constant attention to the young generation. His efforts in science popularization, in-depth studies of its place in and significance for modern society, and systematic struggle against pseudoscience deserve our deepest recognition.

His inginuity and enthusiasm, gentle style of communication with colleagues, a subtle sense of humour earned respect and love not only among colleagues at the Institute of Physics, but also at JINR and far beyond.

On occasion of the anniversary, professor Tomilchik was awarded the JINR Honorary Medal for outstanding achievements in science and service to JINR.