Meeting on problems in nuclear and particle physics took place in South Korea

News, 18 July 2023

From 9 to 15 July, the 14th Meeting “Modern Problems in Nuclear and Particle Physics” was held in Pohang located in the south-east of the Korean Peninsula. The organizers of the event were the Asia-Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP) and the Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics JINR. About 50 specialists discussed the issues of nuclear and particle physics. The meeting was attended by young scientists both from JINR and from the member states of the Asia-Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics, which gives hope for the successful continuation of this series of meetings.

The Meeting was opened by APCTP President Prof. Yunkyu Bang, who highly appreciated the cooperation between APCTP and JINR and emphasised the prospects for its further development. The meeting was attended by about 50 scientists from JINR, Russia (PNPI NRC KI, NRC KI, State University “Dubna”, Novosibirsk State University), Republic of Korea, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Japan.

43 reports were presented on various aspects of nuclear physics (nuclear physics at high and low energies; mechanisms of nuclear reactions and the structure of nuclei; heavy and superheavy nuclei; nuclear physics with radioactive ions; nuclear astrophysics; the study of radioactive materials and solid state physics) and elementary physics particles (effective quantum field theories and hadron spectroscopy; hadron physics; hot and dense nuclear matter; neutrino physics; precision tests of the Standard Model; dark energy and dark matter).

The programme of the meeting included also review reports on ongoing and planned experiments. Prof. Victor Kim (PNPI NRC KI) spoke about the details and physical features of the future SPD experimental setup as part of the NICA Complex (JINR). Prof. Evgeny Nikolskii (JINR, NRC KI) presented an overview of the study of light exotic nuclei with radioactive beams at FLNR JINR, and prof. Leonid Grigorenko (JINR) spoke about the prospects for the development of low-energy nuclear physics in Russia.

A special session was dedicated to the memory of one of the organizers and active participant of the Meeting, Professor Yongseok Oh (1965 –2023), where his friends and colleagues spoke: B.-Y. Park, H.-J. Kim, Y. Bang, N. Antonenko, A. Hosaka, S. Sawada, C.-R. Ji, M.-H. Moon. They shared their memories of Professor Oh.

It is planned to hold the next 15th meeting in July 2024 at BLTP JINR.