Meeting on the issues of independent awarding of academic degrees

News, 27 February 2019

On 26 February 2019, a meeting of the JINR Organizing Committee for independent awarding of academic degrees was held. Director of the Department of attestation of scientific and pedagogical staff of Minobrnauki of Russia S.I. Pakhomov, Deputy Director of the Department E.A. Loginova and Chief Scientific Secretary of the Higher Attestation Commission (VAK) under Minobrnauki I.M. Matskevich took part in the event.

General issues of the state attestation system of scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff of Russia were discussed, as well as the experience of participating organizations of the pilot project for independent awarding of scientific degrees and the progress towards formation of a new system for dissertation defence in JINR were considered.

Director of the Department gave a positive evaluation on the present state of drafts of JINR formal documents regulating the Institute’s right to award scientific degrees independently.

During the visit to Dubna, representatives of the Department and the VAK visited the recently launched accelerator DC-280 that is the major part of the Factory of superheavy elements being created in JINR, as well as the construction site of the NICA collider, the factory of superconducting magnets, the building of the Nuclotron and the site of assembling the booster’s elements for the NICA complex.

Members of the delegation from the Department and the VAK expressed their readiness to encourage close cooperation with JINR at the concluding stages of establishing a new system of awarding scientific degrees that would precede its launch in September 2019.