Milestones of past Scientific Council session

Organization, 04 March 2022

The 131st session of the JINR Scientific Council was held in a mixed format on 24 – 25 February 2022 co-chaired by JINR Director RAS Academician Grigory Trubnikov and Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Sergei Kilin.

Participants of the event considered the concept of the new Seven-Year Plan for the Development of JINR for 2024 – 2030 and discussed the scientific results obtained since the previous session.

It is noteworthy that new members of the Council took part in the 131st session for the first time. They are Armen Nersesyan, a representative of Armenia, and Amr Elhag Ali, a representative of Egypt which had recently become a full-fledged JINR Member State.

The members of The Scientific Council approved the recommendations made at the JINR Programme Advisory Committees sessions. PAC PP Chairman Itzhak Tserruya, PAC NP Chairman Marek Lewitowicz, and PAC CMP Chairman Dénes Nagy presented the recommendations.

The Scientific Council followed with interest the reports by young scientists, selected by the PACs for presentation at this session: “Investigation of superconductivity and magnetism in layered nanostructures by polarized neutron reflectometry with secondary radiation registration”, “Deep learning methods and software for the reconstruction of elementary particle trajectories”, “Construction of ARIADNA applied stations based on the NICA accelerator complex”, “Detailed study of radioactive decay properties of No isotopes with α, β, γ-spectroscopy method”. The Scientific Council thanks the respective speakers: Vladimir Zhaketov (FLNP), Pavel Goncharov (MLIT), Alexey Slivin (VBLHEP), and Mereigul Tezekbayeva (FLNR), and welcomes such selected reports in future.

The Scientific Council heard with interest the reports “Biohybrid nanocomplexes and their potential application in biomedicine” by Yulia Gorshkova (FLNP) and “Multiple facets of multiloop calculations” by Alexander Bednyakov (BLTP).

At the 131st session, the Scientific Council congratulated Michael Waligórski on the award of the Diploma “Honorary Doctor of JINR”.

Moreover, members of the Scientific Council decided to award this high title to Catherine Bréchignac (France) and Emil Burzo (Romania).

The Scientific Council approved the recommendations of the jury to award the B. Pontecorvo Prize to Thomas K. Gaisser (USA). The Prize recognizes his significant contribution to neutrino, astroparticle, and high-energy cosmic ray physics, in particular, to the atmospheric neutrino flux calculation from its early stage development.

The Scientific Council approved the jury’s recommendations on awarding JINR annual prizes for best scientific, scientific-methodological, and scientific-technical applied papers.

The next 132nd session of the Scientific Council is scheduled for 29 – 30 September 2022. The 133rd session of the Scientific Council will take place on 16 – 17 February 2023.

At the 131st session of the Scientific Council

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