Modern science: social structure of its ideas. Lecture 3


On Monday, 12 February 2024, at 4:30 PM, the JINR Scientists’ Club invites everyone interested to the third and final lecture of the “Modern science: the social structure of its ideas” series. The lecture will be online, the link will be available on the JINR Scientists’ Club website. The series consists of three lectures.

The series of lectures is aimed at strengthening the interaction of JINR natural science community with scientists currently working in the field of humanities. The topics reflect current issues in the development of science, culture, society and have a clear projection on the social and cultural issues of the Institute. Traditions of active interaction between the natural and human sciences have characterised JINR throughout its history. The current stage of development of science, culture, active geopolitical processes require deep and pragmatically oriented analysis specifically from the humanities.

The speaker is Vitaly Kurennoy, professor, director of the Institute for Cultural Studies of the National Research University Higher School of Economics, philosopher, cultural scientist, translator and publicist, specialist in the field of research methods of modern culture, history of modern Western philosophy, institutional history of knowledge and social and political theory.

The lectures will present a historical and systematic analysis of the idea of modern science and the principles of its social structuring as part of the system of the production and reproduction of scientific knowledge in modern institutions. The main objective of the lectures is to reveal the genealogical meaning of the basic elements of this system, which has been forming since the era of classical schools of Ancient Greece and has acquired national peculiarities in the modern world.

Recording of the lecture by Vitaly Kurennoy, 12.02.24