MPD magnet fully unpacked

News, 21 April 2021

On 20 April, another important step has been taken in preparing for the construction of the full MPD detector. A group of experts from the Italian company ASG Superconductors, which produced the superconducting solenoid for MPD, has arrived in Dubna for these reasons.

The packing film which protected the magnet inside the sarcophagus was removed, as well as the readings of the impact sensors fixed on the magnet itself were checked in their presence. In addition, geodetic measurements were performed at the control points on the body of the magnet. Both the sensor readings and the measurements performed confirmed that the most complicated long-lasting logistics operation to deliver the magnet from Genoa to Dubna was a success, and the cargo arrived at its destination point being safe and sound.

It will be possible soon to start a programme of vacuum and cryogenic tests of the magnet, and then to place detector systems in it. By the end of the next year, the MPD facility should register the first ion interactions at the NICA collider.

Source: VBLHEP