North Ossetian State University is going to become a partner of JINR

News, 26 December 2017

On 22 December 2017, Rector of North Ossetian State University A.U. Ogoev visited JINR accompanied by Director of Department of Strategic Development, Science and Innovations Tvauri I.V. At the JINR territory, the NOSU delegation was accompanied by Pukhaeva N.E., a Senior Researcher of the Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems. The key aim of the visit was to encourage cooperation between NOSU and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in the fields of radiation biology, proton therapy and life sciences.

The guests visited the spectrometers complex at the IBR-2 in the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics, the Laboratory of Radiation Biology and the proton therapy complex in the Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems. According to A.U.Ogoev, the latter is the area of interest for NOSU as far as an idea to establish a proton therapy centre in Beslan is being eleborated now. Acquaintance with JINR departments was concluded by discussion of educational programmes with Director of the JINR University Centre S.Z. Pakuliak

The delegation was welcomed by JINR Vice-Director M.G. Itkis and JINR Chief Scientific Secretary A.S. Sorin at the JINR Directorate. Summing up the visit’s results, NOSU representatives emphasized that cooperation with JINR would give an opportunity to NOSU students to take part in advanced research and mega-science projects. It, in its turn, demands relevant training of both young scientists and teaching personnel including high school teachers.

Rector of North Ossetian State University A.U. Ogoev:

Nearly 10 students of NOSU have already participated in educational programmes of the JINR University Centre, and we plan to develop cooperation with JINR in the field of educational programmes for students and teachers with a separate direction for training teachers in the secondary-level education sector of the Republic of North Ossetia. The Republic aims at popularization of physics, technology and engineering specializations as well as acquaintance of students with modern scientific research trends to attract young talented scientists to these directions. In the nearest future, we would like to organize a visit of the NOSU dean staff and Bachelor and Magistrate programmes revisers to JINR as the first step to development of cooperation with JINR.