Opening of JINR Infocentre at FEFU: window to Far East

News, 14 May 2022

The agreement on the establishment of the Information Centre of the Joint Institute at the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) was signed on 13 May 2022 in Dubna. At the meeting of JINR Director RAS Academician Grigory Trubnikov with FEFU Rector Boris Korobets and Director of the Information Centre at FEFU Alexandra Reguzova, participants discussed the possibilities of the Information Centre in Vladivostok and plans for its development. The FEFU delegation also visited the NICA collider under construction and got acquainted with the operation of the supercomputer “Govorun” .

Grigory Trubnikov highlighted that the activity of the Information Centre in the Far East to promote innovative projects could become a lever for the development of scientific contacts with China and South Korea. “The high prestige of FEFU and the new Information Centre will help to attract these countries to the scientific and educational projects of the Joint Institute, as well as to find future Chinese users of the synchrotron “Russian Photon Source” (RPS) being constructed at FEFU, as China is actively developing synchrotron facilities. The Infocentre will also provide an opportunity to share experience and invite new teachers with educational modules,” the JINR Director said. In addition, the Institute’s network of Information Centres from Sofia to Kamchatka, a kind of the JINR Information Centre Club, maintains contacts with each other, which allows expanding interaction.

In his turn, FEFU Rector Boris Korobets emphasised that the Infocentre would “become a window” to big science for students, and the university will be able to expand its scientific and educational contacts.

Participants of the meeting discussed in detail the development of cooperation in the fields of nuclear medicine. JINR is starting to create a medical facility MSC-230, FEFU is creating a synchrotron RPS which among other things will be used to study new pharmaceuticals and cancer cell therapy. That is why the exchange of experience in this field and the cross-participation of specialists will be a mutually beneficial field for the development of cooperation. Moreover, the FEFU-MIPT-JINR Bachelor educational programme “Medical physics” has already been developed to train highly qualified specialists in the fields of nuclear and radiation diagnostics and therapy. The enrolment for this programme has been announced. As part of the educational partner programme, students will be able to pass internships, trainings, including pre-graduate ones, at JINR.

Participants of the meeting also suggested inviting young specialists of the Primorsky Krai through the Information Centre based on FEFU to participate in the Institute’s projects as associate researchers.

Despite the fact that the Information Centre is only preparing for the opening, work is already in full swing. The Information Centre in Vladivostok has been actively performing one of its main functions since the autumn of last year, i.e. teaching students technical disciplines and attracting them to science. FEFU students have already come to the Laboratory of Information Technologies JINR and a two-week training has recently concluded for 2nd and 3rd year students of the Institute of High Technologies and Advanced Materials of the Far Eastern Federal University. A series of online lectures by JINR scientists for FEFU students was organized. There are already agreements on the participation of students and physics teachers from Vladivostok in upcoming JINR schools.