Papers of NICA-2022 seminar published in special issue of prestigious journal

News, 20 June 2023

Papers of the international online seminar on methods of data analysis and processing in experiments at the NICA Accelerator Complex (NICA-2022) held in December 2022 have been published in a special issue of Particles 2023, 6(2).

One of the editors of the special issue was Arkadiy Taranenko, a leading researcher at VBLHEP JINR, Deputy Head of the MPD (NICA) Collaboration. 31 scientists from 15 countries such as Brazil, Hungary, Germany, India, Italy, Canada, China, Norway, Poland, Pakistan, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, USA, Japan were among reviewers of 14 published papers.

Particles is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal covering all aspects of nuclear physics, particle physics, and astrophysics science, and is published quarterly online by MDPI.

The international seminar NICA-2022 organized jointly by NRNU MEPhI and JINR was held on 13 -15 December 2022. For the first time, the seminar brought together specialists involved in experiments on the study of relativistic nuclear collisions, as well as in the preparation of new BM@N and MPD Experiments at the NICA Accelerator Complex.

More than 100 scientists from Bulgaria, Brazil, Israel, China, Mexico, Russia, and the USA participated in the seminar. Experimentalists from international collaborations such as BM@N (NICA), MPD (NICA), NA61/SHINE (CERN), STAR (BNL), and ALICE (CERN) and theoreticians from BLTP JINR and other scientific centres involved in the study of strongly interacting matter.