“Physics of solid-state photomultiplier tubes” book published

News, 09 January 2024

The JINR Publishing Department has released a book “Physics of solid-state photomultiplier tubes” written on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Ziraddin Yagub-Ogly Sadigov’s scientific work in the field of development of semiconductor avalanche photodetectors.

The monograph focuses on the physics of micropixel avalanche photodiodes (MAPD), also called silicon photomultipliers (SiPMs). The development stages and physical mechanisms of operation of the most promising designs of such devices are briefly reviewed. Methods for improving the amplitude and time characteristics of MAPD are discussed, as well as the possibility of creating other avalanche devices, such as avalanche single-photon arrays using the technology of charge-coupled device (CCD arrays) and avalanche amplifiers of electrical signals.

The book is intended for specialists involved in the development, research and application of semiconductor detectors.

The book is available on the website of the JINR Publishing Department via the link.