Physics of strong interactions being discussed in Armenia

Conferences, 05 September 2023

On 3 – 9 September, the traditional JINR/BLTP – SKLTP/CAS Joint Workshop on Physics of Strong Interactions is taking place in Yerevan. The event has been held annually since 2010. It is organized jointly by the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics at JINR and the State Key Laboratory of Theoretical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

During the workshop there will be discussions within already existing collaborations. Moreover, new collaborations will be created to solve the problems of common interest. A joint discussion by theoretical and experimental physicists is valuable for a deeper understanding of the problems associated with the low-lying excitations of nuclei far from stability and mechanisms of fusion.

A delegation of 20 scientists from various universities and research centres of China is taking part in the workshop. Colleagues from Armenia, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Iran, Kazakhstan, Romania, and Russia also joined the meeting.

The programme of the workshop covers the following areas:

  • study of complete fusion reactions leading to superheavy nuclei;
  • quasifission and transfer-type reactions, production of exotic nuclei;
  • shape- and k-isomers in heaviest nuclei;
  • production of unknown isotopes;
  • the cluster approach to fission of nuclei;
  • complex emission from strongly excited nuclei;
  • structure of nuclei with modern microscopical methods;
  • the equation of state of isospin asymmetric nuclear matter;
  • decays of exotic nuclei;
  • nuclear applications.