A meeting in Pisa

News, 12 October 2015

On October 12-13, 2015, in Pisa the session of the Joint Coordination Committee on the INFN-JINR Collaboration took place. Every year delegations from INFN and JINR meet to evaluate the status of the collaboration among the two institutions, as specified in the framework agreement between the parties, and to outline the potential areas of common interest which are to intensify the scientific collaboration between the Institutes. This meeting was held in the Rectory of the Pisa University.

Throughout the day representatives of both delegations made reports. Antonio Masiero (INFN) and V.A.Matveev made welcome speaches to the audience. Reports included the review of the latest news at institutes. Nadia Pastrone (The president of the national commission of CSN1/INFN) informed about results of a past and about plans of next year in the field of physics of elementary particles, G.V.Trubnikov made the report on plans of OIYaI next year. In the conclusion of Pasquale Di Nezza (LNF) gave the report on the carried-out and planned work in laboratory (CSN3) of nuclear physics.

On October 13 the delegation visited EGO laboratory (The European Gravitational Observatory), and met a delegation from the University of Pisa in the context of their cooperation on the history and legacy of Bruno Pontecorvo.  This meeting was followed by a series of historical and scientific talks on Bruno and his family. That included the inauguration of a university conference room after the Pontecorvo brothers name, Bruno, Gillo and Guido.

These meetings were held in the Aula Magna of the President building of the Physics Department.