In light of Dubna-Yerevan cooperation: towards the 70th anniversary of A.N. Sissakian

News, 08 September 2014

A JINR delegation that consisted of JINR Vice-Director G.V. Trubnikov, Director of the Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics V.V. Voronov, Head of the JINR International Cooperation Department D.V. Kamanin and Senior Researcher of the Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems G. Torossian visited the capital of Armenia Yerevan on 3-5 September 2014.

The delegation visited the State Committee on Science of Armenia, where Dubna colleagues were received by Chairman of the State Committee, JINR Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Armenia S.G. Harutyunyan. The delegation was also received by President of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia R.M. Martirossian. Strengthening the role of JINR in examination of scientific projects in Armenia, increasing importance of JINR as a center of Armenian personnel training were primarily discussed at both official meetings. In particular, G.V. Trubnikov noted that it is an important moment in the development of JINR, when large research projects are being actively constructed: the superconductive heavy ion collider – the mega-project NICA, the factory of super heavy elements DRIBs-III, modernization of the complex of spectrometers of the IBR-2 reactor, development of the computing cluster TIER-1. This gives the chance to engineers and scientists from Armenia and other JINR Member States to get a unique practical experience in Dubna which will be used later for local research projects in Armenia. The parties have agreed on appropriateness of holding the JINR days in Armenia involving a wide range of participants from science and industry, as well as discussed the importance of beginning the work of the bilateral committee on Armenia-JINR cooperation which was the continuation of the conversation which was started during the recent visit of S.G. Harutyunyan in Dubna.

On 4 September, the delegation took part in the ceremonial meeting in the presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, dedicated to the approaching 70th anniversary of Academician Alexei Sissakian. The meeting was attended by members of the presidium, representatives of the State Committee on Science of Armenia, the Ashtarak city mayor, scientists from institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, the Yerevan State University, the Yerevan Physics Institute and delegates of the 2nd international symposium on optics and its applications which was held by ICTP, where the number of participants from JINR was significant, including JINR Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Georgia A. Khvedelidze. In fact, this meeting was one of the parallel sessions of this symposium. At the end of the meeting in the presidium the participants went to the Ashtarak city, the house-museum of Norair Sissakian, the father of Alexei Norairovich, Academician, an outstanding biologist, and presented the books of memories about A.N. Sissakian issued to his 70th anniversary and other materials to the Museum and the school of Ashtarak.

During the final meeting, the sides noted that a specific plan of action, which would undoubtedly increase the efficiency of Armenia’s participation in JINR was developed in a short time by joint efforts. A visit of a representative delegation from Armenia to Dubna for acquaintance with advanced JINR’s projects, as well as for participation in festive events dedicated to the 70th anniversary A.N. Sissakian was also agreed.

D.V. Kamanin
Photo by А. Torossian