The 7th Spring School on Nuclear Physics

Education, 21 May 2014

The 7th Spring School on Nuclear Physics "JINR Days in Bulgaria" was held on 13-16 May 2014 at the Bulgarian skiing resort Borovets. This school has become traditional and is very popular among Bulgarian students; and the school has gained international status when three years ago students from Bulgaria’s neighbouring countries were invited to the event for the first time. Since last year, physics teachers of the Bulgarian secondary schools have been invited to participate in school as listeners. Therefore this time 39 students from Bulgaria, two students from Serbia and Romania each, 4 students from Greece and 5 teachers participated in the school.

The high level of teaching is the main reason of the popularity of the school: lectures presented by JINR leading scientists discuss in simple terms the current state of different fields of science as well as opportunities offered by JINR to enhance the education level and to conduct self research.

The school was opened by Chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Agency of Bulgaria, JINR Plenipotentiary of Bulgaria Latchesar Kostov on whose initiative students’ schools in Bulgaria were initiated, and constant members of the organizing committee – Director of the BAS Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy Dimitar Tonev and INRNE staff member Professor Chavdar Stoyanov. In his address to students Latchesar Kostov noted that Bulgaria, as one of the founders and a permanent member of the JINR, along with other JINR Member States, possesses the unique experimental equipment developed in JINR. It is the maximum use of opportunities offered by JINR that should be a task of the younger generation of researchers from JINR Member States.