JINR Days in Bulgaria

News, 18 October 2013

JINR Days in Bulgaria were held on 10-13 October 2013. JINR Vice-Director Professor Mikhail Itkis, Directors of JINR laboratories Professor Viktor Voronov (BLTP), Professor Vladimir Kekelidze (VBLHEP) and Professor Valery Shvetsov (FLNP) attended this event. JINR representatives met with Bulgarian scientific leaders, directors of institutes that collaborate with Dubna, had negotiations on cooperation with Minister of Education and Science Professor Anelia Klisarova, Chairman of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Stefan Vodenicharov, with Chairman and members of the Parliamentary Committee on Education and Science, rector of the St. Clement of Ohrid University of Sofia Ivan Ilchev, gave lectures to Bulgarian colleagues.

In the BAS Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy M.G. Itkis spoke about nuclear physics research at JINR and V.V. Voronov spoke about cooperation of JINR BLTP and INRNE BAS. V.N. Shvetsov presented a lecture "Research on Condensed Matter Physics at JINR" in the Institute of Metal Science, V.D. Kekelidze presented his lecture on the status and prospects of the NICA project in the Sofia Technical University.

Members of the delegation from Dubna and the Commission of the Nuclear Regulatory Agency of Bulgaria on cooperation with JINR, headed by JINR Plenipotentiary of Bulgaria Latchesar Kostov participated in a roundtable discussion of issues of cooperation of Bulgarian scientific and educational centers with JINR. Members of the JINR delegation heartily congratulated Latchesar Kostov on his 60th birthday and presented to him a congratulatory address and an anniversary gift on behalf of the multinational team and the Directorate of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.