Turin-Dubna: to establish exchange of students

News, 24 May 2013

Professors of the University of Turin and the Polytechnic University of Turin (Italy) visited MIREA and LIT JINR on 22 May 2013. Such a choice is made due to professional interest of the guests who profess in the fields of information technology: L. Lesmo is Deputy Director of the Department of Information Technology of the University of Turin; E. Macii is Vice Rector for Research and Technology Transfer of the Polytechnic University of Turin, M. Marsan is Professor of Communication and Information of the Polytechnic University of Turin.

LIT Director V.V. Korenkov, his Deputies G. Adam and T.A. Strizh welcomed the guests in the Laboratory of Information Technologies. This is the first visit the guests from Italy to Russia and Moscow and likewise to LIT. Leaders of the laboratory acquainted the guests with LIT activities, spoke about activities of the JINR University Centre; in their turn the guests presented their universities and shared plans to establish exchange of students.

V.V. Korenkov invited the Italian colleagues to participate in the 24th International Symposium on Nuclear Electronics & Computing, NEC-2013 which is traditionally held by the Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Varna. And Italian students could participate in a school for students which is held in the frames of the Symposium.

The guests got acquainted with the LIT static photography exhibition dedicated to M.G. Meshcheryakov and D.I. Blokhintsev, visited the LIT JINR Central Information and Computing Complex and the JINR University Centre.