A meeting in the JINR Directorate

News, 29 June 2011

A meeting of Head of Science Department, Pro-rector of the newly established University of Georgia Professor I.R.Lomidze and Acting JINR Plenipotentiary of Georgia Doctor A.M.Khvedelidze and JINR Acting Director M.G.Itkis was held in the JINR Directorate on 27 June 2011. On the JINR side were Head of JINR International Cooperation Department Doctor D.V.Kamanin, Director of the JINR University Center Professor S.Z.Pakulyak and FLNP Scientific Secretary Doctor O.A.Kulikov.

Educational aspects of cooperation of Georgia and JINR were discussed at the meeting. Plans of scientific cooperation with JINR laboratories were laid out and possible directions of joint training of bachelors and masters of the University of Georgia with participation of JINR University Center were defined. Professor I.R.Lomidze specially noted the need and value of educational contacts of Georgia with JINR. Professor I.R.Lomidze remembered with pleasure his productive student years which were spent in Dubna at the MSU Chair of theory of atomic nuclei.

The meeting in the JINR Directorate was an item of a weekly work trip (23-30 June) of Professor I.R.Lomidze to JINR. The results of his visits to the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics and the Laboratory of Information Technologies were productive protocols of scientific and technical cooperation. Contacts with the University of Georgia will obviously serve for formation of a reserve of young Georgian specialists for participation in major JINR’s scientific projects.