JINR-Serbia: the 2nd meeting of Joint сoordinating сommittee on cooperation

News, 04 April 2011

A JINR delegation of Vice-Director Professor R. Lednický, FLNP Director Professor A.V.Belushkin, Deputy Chief Scientific Secretary D.V.Kamanin and ICD Coordinator of cooperation between JINR and Serbia E.V.Pryanichnikova visited Belgrade, Serbia on 28-30 March 2011.

A meeting of the delegation with a new Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Serbia Professor Ž.Obradović was held on 28 March. The new State Secretary of the Ministry Professor R.Mitrović, Ex-State Secretary Professor M.Nedelković, Assistant Minister Professor V.Nedović, and Chief Trade Representative of the Russian Embassy in Serbia E.Kudinov participated in the meeting.

The 2nd meeting of the Joint Coordinating Committee on cooperation between JINR and Serbia (JCC) was held on 29 March at the Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences. The JINR delegation, members of the JCC from Serbia: Professor M.Krmar, Doctor S.Petrović, Doctor L.Simić, and Councilor of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Serbia S.Bogdanović participated in the meeting. Opportunities of development of cooperation and financial issues were discussed, reports of Professor N. Neshković “About modernization of the FAMA facility” and Professor A.V.Belushkin “Modernization and future employment of the IBR-2M reactor” were heard at the meeting. The JINR delegation was acquainted with status of the FAMA facility and TESLA facility.

Financing was approved of five joint projects whose realization will be started immediately. In particular, two Serbian scientists will come to the Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics for a year. The sides discussed possibilities of mutually complementary research at the FAMA facility and facilities of the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions. The sides noted interest in holding of a representative meeting on development of cooperation in Serbia, where leading JINR specialists will give their lectures. The next JCC meeting is planned for this year in autumn at Dubna.