The 2nd Round Table Italy–Russia@Dubna «Space Physics and Biology»

News, 20 December 2010

On 19 December, 2010, the 2nd Round Table Italy–Russia@Dubna «Space Physics and Biology» was opened. This Round Table will be continue through 19 – 23 December and it is organized by the Italian Embassy in the Russian Federation and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR). This Round Table is promoted within the framework of the 2010 Program of Activities of the Scientific Counselor of the Italian Embassy in the Russian Federation. Scientific support from JINR and from the Russian Academy of Sciences contributes essentially to its realization.

Main topics addressed by the Round Table include:

  • Biology, biophysics, neurosciences and space
  • Astrophysics, astronomy, cosmology and space

These two groups of topics will be respectively addressed by two sections of the Meeting that are however strongly correlated.

The main goals pursued by this Round Table are as follows: reviewing the status of Italy – Russia collaborations in the mentioned fields of research; establishing new bilateral collaborations or providing the conditions for their formation; providing the conditions for bilateral lecture exchange in highly advanced academic courses focused on the mentioned research themes; finally writing a memorandum that will contain the evaluations and suggestions of the participants.

Through the lectures foreseen in the program, we expect to obtain a multi-faced historical review of the development of Italy – Russia and Italy – Dubna collaborations, to single out  indications and prospects for future developments, and – last but not least – to hear interesting news about ongoing research projects.

A characteristic feature of the Round Table is the co-presence of highly distinguished scholars from such scientific areas as biology, biophysics, and neurosciences along with astrophysics, astronomy, and cosmology. This is done in order to strengthen the bridge which should connect two basic areas of human efforts towards carrying out long-term space missions.

This event which takes place at the end of December 2010 can also be regarded as a precursor of the official opening of the 2011 year of Italian Culture in Russia and Russian Culture in Italy.