The 1st coordination meeting on the programme of Serbia- JINR collaboration

News, 03 March 2010

The 1st coordination meeting on the program of collaboration between Serbia and JINR “Condensed matter physics with ion beams” was held at the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions on 25-27 February 2010.

Representatives of the Laboratory of Physics, the Laboratory of Material Sciences, the Laboratory of Radiation Chemistry of the Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences in Belgrade headed by the leader of “FAMA” project professor N.Nešković, participated in the meeting on the Serbian side. First Council of the Serbian Embassy in RF M.Milošević attended the ceremonial opening of the meeting. He noted that it is very important for Serbia to enhance relations with JINR. The participants signed a resolution on the results of the meeting which designated first particular projects supposed to be implemented in the frames of the associate membership of Serbia to JINR.