To enhance cooperation

News, 02 March 2010

A Vietnamese delegation headed by Vice-President of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) Professor Nguyen Dinh Cong visited JINR on 22-27 February.

The delegation consisting of Head of VAST External Relations Office, the Institute of Physics Deputy Director, representatives of the Institute of Mathematics and the VAST Science and Energy Institute, representatives of the Embassy of Vietnam in the Russian Federation, accompanied by the JINR plenipotentiary of Vietnam, JINR Scientific Council member Nguyen Van Hieu and by the leader of the JINR Vietnam staff group Nguyen Manh Shat visited JINR basic facilities, met Directors of JINR Laboratories and discussed perspectives of cooperation. They also had a visit to the Special Economic Zone “Dubna” and the SPC “Aspect”.

On a closing meeting at the JINR Directorate the head of the Vietnamese delegation noted that VAST conducts fundamental research in different areas; supervises industry institutes and joins the best Vietnamese scientists. Many remarkable Vietnamese scientists have studied in Russia and kept contacts with Russian colleagues. The aim of the visit is to broaden and enhance cooperation between JINR and VAST, first of all, in the spheres of information technologies and heavy ions physics; to find ways of attraction of young specialists to science, in particular, to physics. The guests stressed that JINR achievements in areas of science and innovation make a very good impression. On behalf of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research JINR Vice-Director M.G.Itkis assured the Vietnamese colleagues that JINR is ready to support their initiative to broaden the participation of Vietnam in JINR projects, he offered to organize practices for Vietnamese students in Dubna, similar to already successfully held practices for a number of JINR member states. Members of the delegation warmly welcomed an initiative of JINR Chief Scientific Secretary N.A.Russakovich who purposed to organize days of JINR in Vietnam, including lectures about JINR perspective trends of research to attract young people and broaden the cooperation. It was agreed that a Memorandum of Understanding will be signed after further negotiations that will be a new phase of development of mutually beneficial cooperation between JINR and VAST.