JINR Days in Georgia

News, 13 July 2015

From 28 to 30 May 2015 JINR Days were held in Tbilisi (Georgia) dedicated to the 60th anniversary of JINR.

The delegation from the Institute included Academician V.Matveev, Vice-Directors R.Lednický and G.Trubnikov, LHEP Director V.Kekelidze, LIT Director V.Korenkov, representatives of JINR Member States L.Kostov (Bulgaria), S.Arutyunyan, L.Mardoyan (Armenia).The event started with a working meeting in the ministry of education and science of Georgia that was attended by Georgian minister of education and science T.Sanikidze, deputy minister G.Shervashidze and Plenipotentiary of Georgia to JINR A.Khvedelidze. T.Sanikidze talked about the special place of JINR among international scientific organizations – collaborators of scientific and educational institutions of Georgia. The minister reviewed the membership of Georgia to the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research and marked the establishment of a school of Georgian physics theoreticians and experimenters that was formed in Dubna and in many aspects monitors the present day development of physics research in Georgia. She also stressed the necessity today to use the potential of JINR more effectively to train young Georgian physicists and engineers.V.Matveev congratulated Georgian colleagues on the occasion of the Independence Day of Georgia celebrated on 26 may and on behalf of the international community of JINR gave greeting addresses to Prime Minister and Minister of education and science of Georgia. JINR Director spoke about the present situation at the Institute, organization of scientific research, prospects and opportunities to widen collaboration with Georgia in fundamental, applied and engineering research.

Issues of establishing attractive social and study conditions, professional and career growth for specialists from JINR Member States were discussed at the meeting in the ministry.The same day the delegation from JINR took part in the meeting of the round-table discussion “Georgia-JINR: Past, Present, Future” that was held in the Georgian Technical University under the chairmanship of the Georgian minister of education and science T.Sanikidze and Rector of GTU Academician A.Prangishvili. Apart from the representatives of GTU, Vice-Rector of the I.Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Member of the JINR Scientific Council M.Ehliashvili, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Georgia Professor S.Gogilidze, leading scientists whose scientific work is connected with JINR took part in the meeting. V.Kekelidze made a report about the flagship project of JINR NICA, and V.Korenkov made a report on modern trends in information research at the Laboratory of Information Technologies JINR. In the discussion of the reports a number of suggestions were made about possible involvement of Georgian specialists in these projects.An illustrative example of fruitful cooperation of Georgia with world leading scientific centres through its membership to JINR was presented by the spokesperson of the COMET project Professor Y.Kuno. He spoke about fruitful and effective work of Georgian scientists, staff members of GTU and TGU who worked at JINR on the theme of muon-electron conversion.

The participants of the round-table meeting were eager to see the exhibition about JINR on the achievements of the Institute and visited scientific and training laboratories of GTU where teachers and students told them about methods and set-ups developed by the students.

After the round-table meeting Academician V.Matveev gave a public lecture and was awarded with an Honorary Diploma of Doctor of the Georgian Technical University. The day finished with a concert given by GTU students.

On 29 May the delegation from JINR visited the National Academy of Sciences of Georgia where the guests had a meeting with its President Academician G.Kvesitadze, then an extended meeting of the NAS Presidium was held and V.Matveev was presented with a Diploma of a Foreign Member of the Academy.In his speech, V.Matveev spoke about long standing cooperation of JINR with Georgia, Georgian scientists who worked in Dubna in different periods and said special words about the outstanding contribution made by Academician A.Tavkhelidze in establishing the “Dubna” school of Georgian physicists and development of effective cooperation of scientific organizations of Georgia with JINR.On 30 May the delegation from JINR visited Tbilisi State University named after I.Javakhishvili. At the meeting with the TSU Rector Academician V.Papava the discussed new issues connected with the extension of scientific departments of the university after the inclusion of NAN Institutes into them. It was stressed during the meeting how important it was to keep the ties between these Institutes and JINR. TSU Vice-Rector M.Ehliashvili, Director of the Institute of High Energy Physics of TSU M.Nioradze and Plenipotentiary of Georgia to JINR A.Khvedelidze made proposals to add joint educational programmes to the existing scientific contacts.