A visit of Minister of higher education of Egypt

News, 24 August 2015

On August 23, 2015 the meeting was held between the Minister of Higher Education of Arab Republic of Egypt Alsaid Abdelkhalek, Rector of the Egyptian-Russian University in Cairo Cheriffe Helmi, Director of Bureau of Culture of Egyptian Embassy in Moscow Atef Mohamed and the JINR Directorate – V.A. Matveev, R.I. Lednitsky, G.V. Trubnikov and N.A. Russakovich.

The Egyptian delegation was introduced to the history of the foundation of JINR along with the scope of its activities including its collaboration with the world scientific centers. The information about the recent collaboration between JINR and the scientific-educational organizations of the Arab Republic of Egypt was presented.

After meeting at the JINR’s Directorate, the Egyptian delegation visited the cyclotron complex in the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions. The tour was conducted by the Director of the Laboratory S.N. Dmitriyev. At the end of the visit the members of the Egyptian delegation made a sightseeing tour across Dubna, during which the minister noted that "Dubna, being the compact city, – is an ideal place for doing science".

The cooperation with Egypt was already started in the ’60s of the last century. It received a fresh impulse in 2008 with the signing of the intergovernmental agreement between JINR and Egypt.

The next step of the collaboration between the Egyptian physicists and scientists in JINR might be the change of Egypt’s status from the associated member of JINR to its member state.

The minister Alsaid Abdelkhalek expressed his interest in such status change more than once during his visit. Such change will be followed by a diversification of the opportunities for the Egyptian PhD candidates to study at JINR and in building direct relationship between the Arab Republic of Egypt and the world’s largest scientific accelerator centers.