JINR days in Romania. Day One

News, 03 November 2015

JINR days in Romania dedicated to the 60th Anniversary of JINR are officially opened.

The Minister of Education and Scientific Research, Prof.Dr.Sorin Campeanu officially welcomed the JINR delegation in Bucharest: V.Matveev, N.Zamfir, M.Itkis, G.Trubnikov, Gh.Adam, A.Kotova.

On the meeting Victor Matveev outlined the major success in the activities performed by JINR and stressed the importance of the input Romania makes and also highlighted the increasing demand for the educational programs in JINR the level of which is constantly improving.  On the meeting the JINR Director invited the Minister to take part in the 60th Anniversary celebration which will be held in March 2016 which was warmly accepted.

On November 3 the Symposium dedicated to the 60 year history of successful cooperation between Romania and JINR was opened by the speech of the Plenipotentiary of Romania in JINR, Dr. Nicolae-Victor Zamfir, whose introduction speech included the major activities Romania is participating in, such as the students’ educational programs and the united experiments and researches.  The special attention of the audience was paid to the fact that Romania is one of the 11 countries-founders of JINR, and to all the Romanian scientists who helped to build and develop science in JINR. Victor Matveev made an overview on resent JINR activities and mega projects which are being launched, highlighting the development of experimental facilities. At the end of the speech Victor Matveev presented Nicolae-Victor Zamfir with a Diploma of the Honorable Doctor of JINR.

Right after the welcome words and introduction speeches Mihnea Costoiu, Former Minister for Scientific Research, Member of Romanian Parliament, Rector of Polytechnic University of Bucharest, welcomed the audience and wished mutual success to the Romania-JINR collaboration in the future stressing the importance of mutual efforts being done.The reports on Romanian participation at Flerov Laboratory on Nuclear Reactions, Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics, Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics and at Laboratory of Informational Technology were performed by Catalin Borcea, Otilia Culicov, Gheorghe Stratan, Gheorghe Adam.

Aureliu Sandulescu, the former JINR Vice-Director, who worked in the Institute in 70s – 80s, was among the audience and warmly welcomed the JINR delegation.

At the end of the Symposium, dedicated to the 60th Anniversary of JINR and 60 year history of cooperation between Romania and JINR, the delegation visited  Horia Hulubei National Institute for R&D in Physics and Nuclear Engineering (IFIN-НН) and a building site of the international project ELI – Extreme Light Infrastructure.

On the same day the JINR delegation met Ecaterina Andronescu, the Leader of Senate Commission for Education and Research at the Parliament. On the meeting, Mrs. Andronescu in her speech outlined the importance of the cooperation between Romania and JINR and assured the delegates in the further assistance and support of the Commission.