Proceedings of conferences in Armenia published

Publications, 13 July 2023

The JINR Publishing Department issued proceedings of conferences.

  1. “Armenian meeting. Climate changes: adaptation”
    The collection contains abstracts of the reports presented at the conference in Yerevan on 27 – 28 March 2023 and short papers by young scientists. The materials are published in the authors’ wording. The meeting took place at A. Alikhanyan National Laboratory and was co-organized by the Joint Institute.

    Dubna: JINR, 2023. — 36 p., ill.
    ISBN 978-5-9530-0595-1

  2. “Meeting in Nor Amberd”
    The proceedings of the conference “Modern problems of genetics, radiobiology, radioecology and evolution: GRRE2021” includes abstracts of presentations, memories and discussions, lectures made at the event. The materials are published in the authors’ wording. The Conference was held on 5 – 9 October 2021 in Nor Amberd, Armenia, and was dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the birth of Nikolay Timofeeff-Ressovsky. The Joint Institute was on of the event’s organizers.

    Dubna: JINR, 2021. — 178 p., ill.
    ISBN 978-5-9530-0556-2