Professor Sangaa turns 70!

Organization, 27 July 2023

Today marks the 70th anniversary of a Member of the Programme Advisory Committee for Condensed Matter Physics, Research Supervisor of Functional Material Laboratory of the Institute of Physics and Technology of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences (IPT MAS), MAS Academician Professor Deleg Sangaa.

A significant part of Professor Sangaa’s scientific career is connected with JINR. 50 years ago, as a young physicist, he actively conducted research at the DN-2 General-Purpose Diffractometer at the IBR-2 Reactor. The research successfully resulted in the defence of a dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Physics and Mathematics at Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1990, which covered the solution of several fundamental tasks related to the disordered crystal structures.

Later in Mongolia, in close cooperation with colleagues from JINR, Deleg Sangaa continued to study crystal materials with a modulated, disordered, and mixed structure, using the capabilities of neutron and X-ray diffraction. His work at the Joint Institute contributed to the establishment of contacts with physicists from many countries of the world. Joint work of scientists allowed obtaining new, interesting results. Those studies formed the basis of a dissertation by Professor Sangaa for the degree of Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, successfully defended in 2002.

As Deputy Director of the Laboratory of Neutron Physics JINR in 2009-2013 and a Member of the JINR Scientific Council during many years, the scientist significantly contributed to the research at the IBR-2 Reactor, the cooperation development between JINR and Mongolian scientists, the training and education of a new generation of researchers.

Deleg Sangaa cooperates with the Institute, actively participating in meetings of the PAC for Condensed Matter Physics since 2015.

The JINR multinational staff warmly congratulates Professor Deleg Sangaa on his 70th anniversary and wishes him professional and personal achievements, happiness, and prosperity!