Quarks-2024 seminar on high energy physics starts

News, 20 May 2024

From 20 to 24 May, the 22nd International Quarks Seminar on High Energy Physics is taking place in person in Ivanisovo Village (Yaroslavl Region). The Joint Institute for Nuclear Research and the Institute for Nuclear Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences (INR RAS) are organizers of the event. More than 150 researchers from leading scientific centres of the Russian Federation are taking part in the Quarks-2024 Seminar.

Quarks-2024 plenary session, 20.05.24

INR RAS Director, RAS Corresponding Member Maksim Libanov delivered a speech at the opening of the conference. “Over 44 years, the seminar has developed from a small meeting into a serious conference. It has been growing in popularity, and Valery Rubakov, the permanent Chairman of the Organizing Committee and the conference’s inspirer, has contributed greatly to this. I hope that the traditions he put into this seminar will be preserved”, INR RAS Director noted, wishing the conference participants fruitful work in discussing new scientific problems.

The seminar is part of a conference series held biannually in Georgia (until 1992) and Russia with the aim of discussing the following areas during plenary reports:

  • physics beyond the Standard Model (rare processes, Higgs phenomenology);
  • cosmology and astroparticle physics;
  • gravity and its modifications;
  • neutrino physics;
  • QCD, strong interactions;
  • aspects of mathematical physics;
  • selected experimental results.