Registration for international workshop in Almaty opened

Uncategorized, 17 February 2022

The Workshop will be dedicated to Elementary Particles and Nuclear Physics. The event will take place from 24 to 30 April at the Institute of Nuclear Physics (INP) of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty.

Registration is available on the Workshop’s website (limited number of participants).

Organizers of the event are INP of Kazakhstan and BLTP JINR. The event aims at strengthening cooperation and establishing links for joint research between JINR and the scientific institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In addition, the conference is dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the Institute of Nuclear Physics Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Programme of the event has two thematic blocks: nuclear physics and elementary particle physics.

Nuclear Physics:

  • Nuclear physics at low and high energies
  • Mechanisms of nuclear reactions and structure of nuclei
  • Heavy and super-heavy elements: fusion and fission
  • Nuclear physics with radioactive ions
  • Nuclear astrophysics
  • Radiation materials science and solid state physics, nuclear fuel

Elementary Particle Physics:

  • Effective theories and spectroscopy of hadrons
  • Hadron physics
  • Nuclear matter in the hot/dense environment
  • Cosmic rays and neutrino physics
  • Precision tests of the Standard Model
  • Dark Matter and Dark Energy

Working languages of the Workshop are English and Russian. Organizers expect the event to become regular in the future and to be held every two years.