“Relativistic Nuclear Physics from Hundreds Mev to TeV”

News, 29 May 2019

From 27 May to 1 June 2019, the International Conference “Relativistic Nuclear Physics from Hundreds Mev to TeV” is held in the High Tatras (Stará Lesná) in Slovakia. This year, the meeting is the 25th, the jubilee one. It was earlier held in Bulgaria, Slovakia, and Dubna.

The first Chairman of the organizing committee was Academician A. M. Baldin. The present workshop is organized by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research and the Physical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. About 45 scientists from JINR, Slovakia, France, and Kazakhstan take part in the event. Issues regarding the implementation of the NICA project in Dubna and physical research at this facility are discussed. Moreover, the programme of the Meeting includes reports on research carried out in other centres around the world, and the results of theoretical research and the development of detectors for physical facilities are widely presented. The organizing committee of the meeting in Slovakia is headed by Prof. Š. Gmuza, and JINR is represented by Prof. A. I. Malakhov and Yu. S. Anisimov. Director of the Physical Institute of SAS Prof. S. Glavač participates in the event. The Meeting is held with the support of Plenipotentiary Representative of the Government of Slovakia in JINR Prof. Stanislav Dubnička.

In the photo: a group of participants of the Meeting