Reliable power supply for NICA complex

News, 23 December 2020

At the end of November, engineers of the company group “Tavrida Energo Stroy” completed work on the complex energy supply of the infrastructure, the accelerating ring, and the SPD and MPD detectors of the NICA accelerator complex by order of JSC “Strabag”. They installed five new high-tech electrical substations.

Engineers used the developments of the company to solve this responsible task, such as module substations of high operational readiness PTSM-TPP in a special design case. Substations were manufactured and assembled as transport blocks of high operational readiness, which were assembled right at the installation sight forming one or several rooms depending on the given layout.

Photos and video by Tavrida Energo Stroy

Walls of such modules made with the use of non-flammable insulation with a thickness of 150 mm have a three-layer structure. Metal panels of the substation shell are designed in such a way as to support the overall visual style of objects and have a hidden mount, which provides additional defence against unauthorized access. A special feature of the design is the welded units that provide a rigidity level of the structure necessary to make the movement of modules possible with equipment already installed inside them. In total, specialists of Tavrida Energo Stroy installed 183 high-voltage units in the framework of the project. Buildings of substations are equipped with all the necessary engineering systems: emergency and working lightning, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and the fire alarm system.

Nowadays, Tavrida Energo Stroy is installing one more distributed substation and a module of power transformers for the power supply of DC sources of superconducting magnets of the NICA collider.

Another 82 high-voltage units will be shortly installed for the reconstruction of another facility of the JINR energy infrastructure, namely the 110/6 kV substation No. 134 “Dubna”. This will allow producing power sufficient for the NICA collider.

Based on information of the website Tavrida Energo Stroy