Results of Social Mortgage competition announced

News, 28 June 2023

The Ministry of Investments and Innovations of the Moscow Region annually holds a competition within the “Social Mortgage” programme to provide the most in-demand young scientists and specialists with state support in purchasing or building housing.

This year, the winners of the competition from JINR are

  • Ivan Sokolov (MLIT)
  • Vladislav Sharov (DLNP)
  • Dina Badreeva (MLIT)
  • Alexander Bodrov (FLNR)
  • Pavel Nekhoroshkov (FLNP)
  • Hassan Ahmed Abuelhamand Abdelnabi (FLNP)
  • Sergey Sokolov (DLNP)
  • Konstantin Timoshenko (FLNR)

Let the victory serve as an incentive for new scientific achievements and discoveries!