Results of the elections of the Chairman of the AYSS Council

News, 23 March 2020

On 22 March 2020, the elections of the Chairman of the Council of the JINR Association of Young Scientists and Specialists were held at the AYSS General meeting. According to the agenda of the meeting that was held in an online conference mode, current Chairman of the AYSS Council Alexander Verkheev made a report on the AYSS activities in 2019.

Following the results of the meeting, the following was decided: according to protocol № 003 dated 22.03.2020, the elections were recognized as valid, Nikolay Voytishin, Scientific Researcher of the Laboratory of Information Technologies JINR, was elected as Chairman of the AYSS Council and the AYSS Council was approved in the following composition: A. Bogomolova, A. Dolzhikov, A. Issadykov, A. Krasnov, I. Kolesnikova, A. Korobitsin, D. Pugachev, A. Rutkauskas.

The protocols are available on the AYSS website.

Nikolay Voytishin