Results of Youth JINR Prize Competition 2021

News, 23 December 2021

Results have been announced of the JINR Prize Competition for young scientists and specialists 2020-2021 held on 15.12.2021.

Works selected by the programme committees of two conferences (Alushta-2021 and AYSS-2021) took part in the competition.

  • In the section “Scientific and research theoretical papers”

    1st prize: A. A. Roenko (BLTP)
    2nd prize: E. A. Koval (BLTP)
    3rd prize: A. Torosyan (MLIT)
  • In the section “Scientific and research experimental papers”

    2nd prize: R. A. Kozhina (LRB)
    2nd prize: V. V. Shalaev (VBLHEP)
    3rd prize: Sabina-Emanuela Erhan (LRB)
  • In the section “Scientific-research and scientific-technical papers”

    1st prize: I. S. Pelevaniuk (MLIT)
    2nd prize: M. Yu. Korobitsyna (VBLHEP)
    2nd prize: V. I. Sharov (DLNP)
  • In the section “Scientific and technical applied papers”

    2nd prize: A. Yu. Nezvanov (FLNP)
    2nd prize: D. K. Pugachev (FLNR)
    2nd prize: E. V. Melnik (FLNR)

We congratulate the winners and wish them every success in their scientific activities, new ideas and achievements!