Review journal Particles & Nuclei, #3 (Vol. 55) 2024

News, 23 May 2024

Founded in 1970, the review journal Physics of Elementary Particles and Atomic Nuclei, brief name Particles & Nuclei, is published by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna. This is the most influential physical review journal in Russia. Published by leading physicists from Member States of JINR, as well as scientists from all over the world, review articles in this eminent journal examine elementary particle physics, problems of vacuum in quantum field theory, condensed matter problems, symmetries in physics, string theories and gravity, nuclear physics, automatic processing of experimental data, accelerators and related instrumentation, accelerator-based transmutation studies, ecological implications of present nuclear and conventional energy sources, energy amplifiers based on accelerators. The journal provides review articles in Russian and in English. Note: all volumes are translated into English and published by the Nauka/Interperiodika International Academic Publishing House. The translation journal appears under the name Physics of Particles and Nuclei. Annualy 6 issues are published joined in one volume. In 2000-2004, the journal had a supplementary issue in addition to the six regular issues. The Editors invite you to contribute review articles and guarantee rapid publication of your papers.

Issue #3 2024 (Vol. 55)

Dubna, July 3–7, 2023
Shevel A.
Artificial Neural Networks in High Energy Physics Data Processing (Succinct Survey) and Probable Future Developments

(eng, 32 Kb)
Degtyarev A. B., Khramushin V. N.
Real-Time Simulation, Decomposition of Mathematical Models and Algorithms of Interactive Control and Visualization

(1.390 Kb)
Cheremisina E., Kirpicheva E., Tokareva N., Potemkina S., Tyatyushkina O., Kreider O., Nechaevskiy A., Korenkov V., Streltsova O., Zhatkina K., Mitroshin P., Goryunova E., Milovidova A., Dobrynin V., Balashova M., Lishilin M., Sychev P., Zhivetiev A., Zorin R., Smirnov D., Rusetski E., Kirov E., Belov M.
How Digital Footprints Shape IT Education and Drive Digital Transformation

(eng, 35 Kb)
Kotliar V., Gusev V., Kukhtenkov V., Savin N.
WLCG Tier-2 Computing Center at NRC «Kurchatov Institute» — IHEP: 20 Years of Operation

(eng, 34 Kb)
Bogdanov A. V., Degtyarev A. B., Mareev V. V.
New Mathematics as an Engine for Computational Sciences

(111 Kb)
Shtekhin S., Karachev D., Stadnik A.
Study of Filtering the Weather Negative Effects to Object Detection

(eng, 32 Kb)
Sukhoroslov O.
Simulation Framework for Research and Education in Distributed Computing

(eng, 29 Kb)
Gertsenberger K., Pelevanyuk I., Klimai P., Chebotov A.
Computing Software Architecture for the BM@N Experiment

(eng, 34 Kb)
Namiot D. E., Ilyushin E. A.
On Certification of Artificial Intelligence Systems

(81 Kb)
Karachev D., Shtekhin S., Stadnik A.
Using Hidden Feature Space of Diffusion Neural Networks for Image Blending Problem

(eng, 29 Kb)
Stepanov E., Smeliansky R., Plakunov A.
On Traffic Routing in Network Powered by Computing Environment: ECMP vs UCMP vs Multi-Agent MAROH

(eng, 33 Kb)
Baginyan A., Balandin A., Dolbilov A., Golunov A., Gromova N., Kashunin I., Korenkov V., Mitsyn V., Pelevanyuk I., Shmatov S., Strizh T., Trofimov V., Vorontsov A., Voytishin N.
JINR Grid Infrastructure: Status and Plans

(eng, 35 Kb)
Zrelov P. V., Zrelova D. P., Katulin M. S., Korenkov V. V., Reshetnikov A. G., Ulyanov S. V.
Quantum IT-Engineering in the Tasks of Intelligent Control of Physical Systems
(1.343 Kb)
Balashov N., Kuprikov I., Kutovskiy N., Makhalkin A., Mazhitova Ye., Pelevanyuk I., Semenov R., Shpotya D.
Changes and Challenges at the JINR and Its Member States Cloud Infrastructures

(eng, 35 Kb)
Dimitrov V.
Toward Formalization of Software Security Issues

(eng, 29 Kb)
Kondratyev A., Bondyakov A.
Algorithm of the Operation of the Structural Elements of the TANGO Distributed Control System

(eng, 31 Kb)
Tishchenko V.
Co-Opetition in the BOINC Community

(eng, 32 Kb)
Baranov A. V.
Batch System Prototype Using Containers

(1.575 Kb)
Zaytsev E. I., Nurmatova E. V., Gusev V. V.
Increasing the Performance of a Multi-Agent Knowledge Representation and Processing System

(80 Kb)
Alexandrov E., Alexandrov I., Belyakov D., Davydova N., Kalmykova L., Lyubimova M., Sapozhnikova T., Syresina T., Yakovlev A., Zrelov P.
MLIT License Management System. Upgrade and Further Development

(eng, 34 Kb)
Degtyarev A. B., Pylnev Yu. V., Dolgov V. A., Smirnov V. P., Tregubov V. P.
Methods for Complex Simulators Development for Complex Technical Objects Control

(144 Kb)
Bogdanov A., Khvatov V., Uteshev A., Shchegoleva N.
Virtual Blockchain Network: A New Way to Safe Data Exchange

(eng, 33 Kb)
Kotliar V.
Data Knowledge Base Evolution for a Stable Usage and Operation

(eng, 30 Kb)
Campis D., Ilina A., Pelevanyuk I.
System for Analysis of the Performance of Scientific Jobs in Distributed Systems

(eng, 33 Kb)
Vostokin S. V.
Study of the Event Log Method to Organize Fault-Tolerant and Self-Balancing Calculations in a Hybrid Environment

(eng, 28 Kb)
Kotliar A., Kotliar V.
Containerized Computing with DevOps Methodology Use on the Central Linux Cluster at NRC “Kurchatov institute” — IHEP

(eng, 28 Kb)
Shemeiko M., Kotliar V.
Development of the System for Recognizing Sensor Indications of Engineering Equipment in the Computing Centre at NRC “Kurchatov institute” — IHEP

(eng, 32 Kb)
Ezhova V., Kotliar V., Kotliar A.
Development of an Interactive Access System Based on WEB Technologies for the GRID Cluster Computing Resources in the National Research Centre “Kurchatov institute” — IHEP

(eng, 29 Kb)
Bogdanov A., Shchegoleva N., Khvatov V., Kiyamov J., Dik A.
Combining PBFT and Raft for Scalable and Fault-Tolerant Distributed Consensus

(eng, 30 Kb)
Popov S.
Decentralization of Task Management Algorithm Using Blockchain Technology

(eng, 28 Kb)
Smirnov S.
A Comprehensive Approach to Running Optimization Tasks in the Everest Platform

(eng, 29 Kb)
Yashchenko I. S., Salnikov A. N.
Software for Prediction of Task Start Time in Computer Cluster by Statistical Analysis of Jobs Queue History

(97 Kb)
Kurochkin I. I., Prun A. I., Balaev A. A.
Federated Deep Learning for Solving an Image Classification Problem on a Desktop Grid System

(eng, 30 Kb)
Alexandrov E., Alexandrov I., Chebotov A., Gertsenberger K., Filozova I., Priakhina D., Shestakova G., Yakovlev A.
Development of the Online Configuration System for the BM@N Experiment

(eng, 34 Kb)
Alexandrov E. I., Alexandrov I. N., Barberis D., Canali L., Cherepanova E., Gallas E. J., Gonzalez de la Hoz S., Prokoshin F. V., Rybkin G., Salt Cairols J., Sanchez J., Villaplana Perez M., Yakovlev A. V.
The ATLAS Event Picking Service and Its Evolution

(eng, 38 Kb)
Alexandrov E., Formica A., Mineev M., Ozturk N., Roe S., Tsulaia V., Vogel M.
Evolution of the ATLAS CREST Conditions DB Project

(eng, 36 Kb)
Priakhina D., Korenkov V., Trofimov V.
Prototype of a Software Complex for Creating Digital Twins of Distributed Data Acquisition, Storage and Processing Centres

(eng, 32 Kb)
Dima M., Dima T., Mihailescu M.
NXV4 C++ Package for Particle Physics Flash Algorithms

(eng, 36 Kb)
Petrosyan A., Oleynik D., Zhemchugov A., Kiryanov A.
SPD Offline Computing System

(eng, 34 Kb)
Borisov M., Goncharov P., Ososkov G., Rusov D.
Unraveling Time Slices of Events in the SPD Experiment

(eng, 32 Kb)
Zarochentsev A. K.
Update of ALICE Russian GRID Sites in 2022—2023 for Future High Luminosity LHC Mode

(64 Kb)
Nikolskaya A., Goncharov P., Ososkov G., Rusov D., Starikov D.
Point Cloud Transformer for Elementary Particle Signals Segmentation

(eng, 33 Kb)
Voytishin N. N., Mikheev S. A., Tsvetkov V. P., Tsvetkov I. V.
Analysis of Emerging Particle Tracks in the BM@N Experiment of the NICA Accelerator Complex in the Mathematical Model of Fractal Thermodynamics

(2.172 Kb)
Baranov D. A.
Coordinate Reconstruction for Microstrip Tracking Detectors for the Configuration of the First Physics Run in the BM@N Experiment

(1.831 Kb)
Ivanov Yu., Zamora-Saa J.
SAPHIR Data Center (First Year Experience)

(253 Kb)
Borzunov S. V., Romanov A. V., Kurgalin S. D., Petrishchev K. O.
High-Performance Computing on Mathematical Coprocessors and Graphics Accelerators Using Python

(65 Kb)
Kotliar V., Bolotin D., Syrko D.
Building a Computer Cluster for Bioinformatics and Biomedical Research from Zero to Production

(eng, 30 Kb)
Nikolashkin A. G., Ershov N. M.
Development of the Toolkit to Support Evolutionary and Swarm Computing for Solving Multidimensional Optimization Problems

(63 Kb)
Balashov N., Sokolov I.
Development of a Document Database Platform SciDocCloud

(eng, 28 Kb)
Balashov N.
JINR Container Distribution Service

(eng, 32 Kb)
Semenov Yu., Sukhoroslov O.
DSLab FaaS: Fast and Accurate Simulation of FaaS Clouds

(eng, 33 Kb)
Soloviev A. G., Solovjeva T. M., Lukyanov K. V.
Deployment of a Web Application for Fitting Experimental Data at the JINR Cloud Infrastructure

(277 Kb)
Secrieru G., Bogatencov P., Degteariov N.
Extension of Distributed Computing Infrastructure and Services Portfolio for Research and Educational Activities

(eng, 30 Kb)
Hristov I., Hristova R., Puzynin I., Puzynina T., Sharipov Z., Tukhliev Z.
Searching for New Nontrivial Choreographies for the Planar Three-Body Problem

(eng, 30 Kb)
Bashashin M., Zemlyanaya E., Rahmonov I.
Simulation of the Magnetization Reversal Effect Depending on the Current Pulse Duration within the ϕ0 Josephson Junction Model Using MPI and OpenMP Parallel Computing Techniques

(eng, 37 Kb)
Fialko N., Olshevets M., Lakhno V. D.
Comparison of Different Thermostats in the Holstein Model

(eng, 33 Kb)
Zemlyanaya E. V., Bogolubskaya A. A., Bashashin M. V., Alexeeva N. V.
The φ4 Oscillons in a Ball: Numerical Approach and Parallel Implementation

(eng, 36 Kb)
Polyakov S., Podryga V., Tarasov N.
Computer Modeling of Interacting Metal Nanoparticles with Substrate

(eng, 32 Kb)
Tarasov A. A., Stepanova M. M.
Modelling of Basal Melt of Antarctic Ice Sheet Based on a One-Dimensional Stefan Problem Approach

(693 Kb)
Mitskovets I., Sagan V., Khokhlov N.
Parallel Modeling of Elastic Wave Propagation with Explicit Pore Delineation Using Overset Grids Method

(eng, 31 Kb)
Tiulkin B.
Parallel Computing Technologies and Rendering Optimization in the Problem of Fluid Simulation by the Example of the Incompressible Schrödinger Flow Method

(eng, 31 Kb)
Tarasov N., Podryga V., Polyakov S.
Web Laboratory for Supercomputer Modeling of Spraying Processes

(eng, 29 Kb)
Stetsyuk V., Khokhlov N.
Modeling the Wave Propagation near the Earth’s Surface with Taking Relief into Account

(eng, 30 Kb)
Rahmonova A., Rahmonov I., Streltsova O., Zuev M.
Toolkit in Python for Simulation of Shapiro Step on the Current-Voltage Characteristic of a Josephson Junction

(eng, 31 Kb)
Chizhov K., Beskrovnaya L., Chizhov A.
Neutron Spectra Unfolding from Bonner Spectrometer Readings by the Regularization Method Using the Legendre Polynomials

(eng, 30 Kb)
Enyagina I., Polyakov A., Zuev M.
Distributed Modular Platform for Working with Neurocognitive Experiments Data (MRI/fMRI)

(eng, 33 Kb)
Akatkin Yu., Yasinovskaya E., Bich M., Shilin A.
The Challenges of Linked Open Data Semantic Enrichment, Discovery, and Dissemination (GRID)

(eng, 33 Kb)
Katulin M. S., Ulyanov S. V.
Simulator of a Robust Intelligent Robotic Manipulator Control System: The Application of Knowledge Base Optimizer on Quantum Computing — QCOptKBTM

(eng, 33 Kb)
Grishkin V., Karimov S., Fedorova A.
Atmospheric Correction of Satellite Images Using a Neural Network

(eng, 31 Kb)
Shtekhin S., Karachev D., Stadnik A.
Effectiveness Study of Machine Learning Task of Detection of Hands Position by Keypoints

(eng, 32 Kb)
Dorovskikh D. O., Teslyuk A. B., Bobkov S. A.
Algorithm for Searching Scientific Publications by References Using Neural Network Models

(71 Kb)
Malugin M., Antonov E., Artamonov A.
Designing a System for Monitoring the Publication Activity of the Scientific Organization

(eng, 32 Kb)
Sokolov I., Antonov E., Artamonov A.
Evaluation of Named Entity Recognition Software Packages for Data Mining

(eng, 32 Kb)
Bogdanov A., Shchegoleva N., Zalutskaya N., Ekimov A.
Artificial Intelligence Use for Early Signs of Illness Detection in the Elderly Age

(eng, 33 Kb)
Mitrofanov E., Grishkin V.
Generative Adversarial Networks Quantization

(eng, 33 Kb)
Bespalov Yu. G., Zrelov P. V., Katulin M. S., Neapolitanskiy D. V., Reshetnikov A. G., Ulyanov S. V.
Formation of Knowledge Bases of Fuzzy Regulators Based on the Physical Training Signal of a Nitrogen Cryogenic Plant Using a Genetic Algorithm

(453 Kb)
Bogdanov A., Shchegoleva N., Dik G., Khvatov V., Kiyamov J., Dik A., Tregubov V.
A New Approach to Depersonalization of Personal Data

(eng, 35 Kb)
Balakin M., Belov S., Zrelov P.
Simple Journal Adviser for Scientific Articles

(eng, 32 Kb)
Zrelov P. V., Nikiforov D. N., Reshetnikov A. G., Ulyanov S. V.
Quantum Intelligent Control of Nitrogen Pressure in a Cryogenic Facility of Magnet Factory Test Bench

(721 Kb)
Zrelov P. V., Ivantsova O. V., Katulin M. S., Reshetnikov A. G., Ryabov N. V., Ulyanov S. V.
Simulation of the Quantum Fuzzy Inference of the Intelligent Control System for Cooling the Current Leads of the Booster of the NICA Accelerator Complex

(3.374 Kb)
Belov S. D., Ilina A. V., Korenkov V. V., Tarabrin V. A., Zrelov P. V.
Exploring the Relevance of Educational Skillset in the Labor Market through Natural Language Processing Techniques

(2.338 Kb)
Chepurnov A. V., Ershov N. M.
Development and Research of Methods for Analyzing the Effectiveness of Evolutionary and Swarm Algorithms

(77 Kb)
Khvedelidze A., Torosyan A.
On the Nonclassicality Distance Indicator of Qudits

(eng, 33 Kb)
Dima O., Dima M., Dima T.
Qubit Coherence Simulation

(eng, 33 Kb)
Shirmovsky S., Chizhov A.
Simulations of the Quantum Entangled States Migration Process in Cell Microtubules

(eng, 29 Kb)
Palii Yu. G., Bogolubskaya A. A., Yanovich D. A.
Quantum Approximation Optimization Algorithm for the Ising Model in an External Magnetic Field

(249 Kb)
Tereschenko D., Ponomarev E., Oleynik D., Korkhov V.
SPD On-Line Filter: Workflow and Data Management Systems

(eng, 30 Kb)
Tsamtsurov E., Balashov N.
HTCondor Cluster Monitoring

(eng, 32 Kb)
Konak A., Petrosyan A.
Scientific Data Management System for the SPD Experiment

(eng, 32 Kb)
Greben N., Romanychev L., Oleynik D., Degtyarev A.
SPD On-Line Filter: Workload Management System and Pilot Agent

(eng, 31 Kb)
Egorov A., Korkhov V.
Coscheduling Tasks in Computer Network Using Lightweight Virtualization

(eng, 31 Kb)
Prokoshin F. V., Tvauri I. V., Budtueva Z. A., Gurtsiev R. Z., Gazzaev A.-B. V.
SPD EventIndex

(1.334 Kb)
Matiushin Yu. S., Korkhov V. V.
Continuous Authentication in Internet of Things Systems

(199 Kb)
Zhdanov D., Korkhov V.
On Algorithms of Task Placement in Computing Clusters Taking into Account Task and System Topologies

(eng, 29 Kb)
Bekuzarov Z. Kh., Minasyan D. G.
Application of a Neural Network to Solve a Two-Dimensional Problem of Flowing around an Obstacle of Arbitrary Shape in a Channel

(1.334 Kb)
Khastyan E., Krivonos S., Nersessian A.
Note on Ruijsenaars–Schneider Model

(eng, 31 Kb)
Borisov A. V., Isaev A. P.
Neutrino Mass in Effective Field Theory

(269 Kb)
Grigoryev G. Yu., Lagutin A. S., Maksimychev A. V., Menshikov L. I., Menshikov P. L.
Hyperpolarization of Nuclei by Optical Pumping with Spin Exchange

(586 Kb)
Pogosyan G. S., Yakhno A.
Semi-Circular Parabolic System on Two-Dimensional Hyperboloid

(eng, 29 Kb)
Fotev V. D., Ganzha V. A., Ivshin K. A., Kravchenko P. V., Kravtsov P. A., Maev E. M., Nadtochiy A. V., Solovyev A. N., Solovyev I. N., Spiridenkov E. M., Vasilyev A. A., Vorobyov A. A., Voropaev N. I., Vznuzdaev M. E., Kammel P., Muldoon E. T., Ryan R. A., Salvat D. J., Prindle D., Hildebrandt M., Lauss B., Petitjean C., Gorringe T., Carey R. M., Gray F. E.
Search for Muon Catalyzed 3Hed Fusion

(eng, 55 Kb)