Review journal Particles & Nuclei, #6 (Vol. 53) 2022

Publications, 09 December 2022

Founded in 1970, the review journal Physics of Elementary Particles and Atomic Nuclei, brief name Particles & Nuclei, is published by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna. This is the most influential physical review journal in Russia. Published by leading physicists from Member States of JINR, as well as scientists from all over the world, review articles in this eminent journal examine elementary particle physics, problems of vacuum in quantum field theory, condensed matter problems, symmetries in physics, string theories and gravity, nuclear physics, automatic processing of experimental data, accelerators and related instrumentation, accelerator-based transmutation studies, ecological implications of present nuclear and conventional energy sources, energy amplifiers based on accelerators. The journal provides review articles in Russian and in English. Note: all volumes are translated into English and published by the Nauka/Interperiodika International Academic Publishing House. The translation journal appears under the name Physics of Particles and Nuclei. Annualy 6 issues are published joined in one volume. In 2000-2004, the journal had a supplementary issue in addition to the six regular issues. The Editors invite you to contribute review articles and guarantee rapid publication of your papers.

Issue #6 2022 (Vol. 53)

Dzhioev A. A., Vdovin A. I.
Superoperator Approach to the Theory of Hot Nuclei and Astrophysical Applications. III. Neutrino–Nucleus Reactions in Stars

(rus, 2.022.359 Kb)
Nikitenko Yu. V., Zhaketov V. D.
Magnetism of Ferromagnetic-Superconducting Inhomogeneous Layered Structures

(rus, 2.257.564 Kb)
Neznamov V. P., Safronov I. I., Shemarulin V. Е.
Something New about Radial Wave Functions of Fermions in a Coulomb Repulsive Field

(rus, 812.007 Kb)
Shirikova N. Yu., Sushkov A. V., Malov L. A., Kolganova E. A., Jolos R. V.
Microscopically Derived Grodzins Relation and Prediction of the Excitation Energies of the 21+ States for Some Superheavy Nuclei

(eng, 33.723 Kb)
Padula S. S. on behalf of the CMS Collaboration
Results on Bose—Einstein Correlations of Charged Hadrons in pp Collisions at 13 TeV in CMS

(eng, 35.430 Kb)
Alexandrov A. B., Vasina S. G., Galkin V. I., Gippius А. А., Grachev V. ,M., Kalinina G. V., Konovalov A. S., Konovalova N. S., Korolev P. S., Larionov A. A., Managadze A. K., Melnichenko I. A., Okateva N. M., Polukhina N. G., Roganova T. M., Sadykov Zh. T., Starkov N. I., Starkova E. N., Tyukov V. E., Chernyavsky M. M., Shevchenko V. I., Shchedrina T. V.
A Noninvasive Method for Studing Cultural Heritage Objects on Base of Muonography

(rus, 7.831.264 Kb)