Review of the journal “Particles and Nuclei, Letters”, #6 2023

Publications, 27 December 2023

The journal Physics of Elementary Particles and Atomic Nuclei, Letters, brief name Particles and Nuclei, Letters, publishes the articles with results of the original theoretical, experimental, scientific-technical, methodical, and applied research. Subject-matter of articles covers the principal fields of research at JINR: theoretical physics, elementary particle physics, relativistic nuclear physics, nuclear physics and related problems in other branches of physics, neutron physics, condensed matter physics, physics and technique at low temperature, physics and technique of accelerators, physical experimental instruments and methods, physical computer experiments, applied research in these branches of physics and radiology, ecology, and nuclear medicine.

The journal Physics of Particles and Nuclei, Letters is translated and published in English in MAIK Nauka/Interperiodica” from 2004.

Issue #6 2023

Alhaidari A. D.
Structural Algebraic Quantum Field Theory: Particles with Structure

(eng, 30 Kb)
Shilin V. I., Pervushin V. N.
Schwinger–Dyson Equation for Quarks in a QCD Inspired Model

(eng, 36 Kb)
Hamada Sh., Ibraheem A. A.
Astrophysical S-Factor Analysis for 14N(p,γ) 15O Radiative Capture Reaction Based on p+14N Elastic Scattering at Low Energies

(eng, 38 Kb)
Stankevich K., Studenikin A.
Quantum Decoherence of Neutrino Mass States

(eng, 28 Kb)
Kilic A. I.
The Investigation of the 8Li(α,n) 11B Cross Section at Low Energy by a Distorted Wave Born Approximation Model

(eng, 38 Kb)
Fisli M.
Lepton Pair Production in the Noncommutative Standard Model with Polarized e+e Beams

(eng, 38 Kb)
Verma S., Kumar A.
On the Deviation in Cobimaximal Neutrino Mixing Emanating from Charged Lepton Sector

(eng, 34 Kb)
Catak E.
A Remark on the q-Hypergeometric Integral Bailey Pair and the Solution to the Star-Triangle Equation

(eng, 26 Kb)
Majekodunmi J. T., Jain N., Anwar K., Abdullah N., Kumar R., Bhuyan M.
Decay Properties of 253,255Rf Using the Relativistic Mean-Field Framework within the Preformed Cluster-Decay Model

(eng, 42 Kb)
Pupyshev V. V.
Study of Two-Dimensional Low-Energy Scattering by Variable Phase Approach

(rus, 132 Kb)
Maslov V. M.
Anisotropy of Prompt Fission Neutron Spectra of 239Pu(n,F) and 235 U(n,F)

(rus, 1.078 Kb)
Zhabitsky V. M.
Longitudinal Tomography of Ion Bunches in the JINR Superconducting Booster Synchrotron

(rus, 1.029 Kb)
Plotnikov V. A., Kovachev L. D., Zinchenko A. I.
Detector Efficiency in the BM@N Experiment in an Argon Run with a Beam Energy of 3.2A GeV at the Nuclotron

(rus, 2.600 Kb)
Lenivenko V., Palichik V., Patsyuk M.
Reconstruction of Simulated and Experimental Data in Coordinate Detector Systems of the SRC Experimental Setup at BM@N

(rus, 578 Kb)
Gapienko I. V., Belov D. V., Fedorov A. N., Gurevich G. M., Plis Yu. A., Usov Yu. A.
Research and Development of the Polarized Deuteron Source for the Electrostatic Accelerator

(eng, 39 Kb)
Selyunin A. S., Anfimov N. V., Rybnikov A. V., Fedoseev D. V., Sharov V. I.
Study of the Temperature Stability of the High-Voltage DAC AD5535 for Silicon Photomultipliers Biasing

(eng, 798 Kb)
Nikolaichuk I. Yu., Borisov V. V., Nikiforov D. N., Khramov D. I.
First Magnetic Axis Measurements of Quadrupole Magnets for the NICA Collider

(eng, 698 Kb)
Abdelmoneim S. A., Nashaat M., Shukrinov Yu. M.
New Region of Nonlinearity in the IV Curve of SFS ϕ0 JJ under Radiation

(eng, 33 Kb)
Zheltonozhskaya M. V., Remizov P. D., Chernyaev A. P., Yatsenko V. N., Burtsev S. L.
Study of the Medical Isotope177Lu Production in Photonuclear Reactions on Enriched 178Hf Targets

(rus, 230 Kb)
Enyagina I. M., Polyakov A. N., Kartashov S. I., Ushakov V. L., Milyaev E. V., Baranova A. I.
Comparative Analysis of Scenarios of Pulse Sequences of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Human Brain

(rus, 1.194 Kb)

Materials of the XXVI International Scientific Conference of Young Scientists and Specialists (AYSS-2022)
Dubna, Russia, October 24 – 28, 2022

Bubenchikov M. A., Kaparulin D. S., Nosyrev O. D.
Light-Like Paths of Weakly Relativistic Anyon in Magnetic Field

(eng, 31 Kb)
Karkaryan E. K.
Muons Production in Elastic Proton–Proton Scattering at the LHC

(rus, 88 Kb)
Kumar S., Musaev E.
On 10-Dimensional Exceptional Drinfel’d Algebras

(eng, 27 Kb)
Voznaya U., Arbuzov A.
Parton Distribution Function of Positron in Electron in QED

(eng, 28 Kb)
Avramov V., Rashkov R., Vetsov T.
An Isomonodromic Approach to Scalar Fields on Sasaki–Einstein Spaces Y p,q

(eng, 29 Kb)
Krugan G., Matasov A.
Spin Nature of the Energy Gap in Superconductors of the Second Kind

(eng, 26 Kb)
Punetha G., Bandhopadhyay A., Bisht Sh.
SU(2) Dual QCD Quark–Hadron Phase Transition in the Presence of Nonvanishing Chemical Potential

(eng, 35 Kb)
Koval E. A.
Field-Free Molecular Alignment by the Optimized Two-Color Laser Fields

(eng, 26 Kb)
Mamedov Sh., Akbarova N., Allahverdiyeva M.
The Deuteron Charge Radius RC in the Framework of the Hard-Wall AdS/QCD Model

(eng, 38 Kb)
Syurakshin A.
Quantum Interference Effects on Charge Transport in Molecular Electronic Junctions

(eng, 30 Kb)
Friesen A. V., Goderidze D., Kalinovsky Yu. L.
Application of Adaptive and Non-Adaptive Integration Methods to the Two-Photon Decay of a Neutral Pion at Finite Temperature

(eng, 34 Kb)
Lanskoy D. E., Mikheev S. A., Nasakin A. I., Tretyakova T. Yu.
Skyrme-Like Λ Hyperonic Interactions and Neutron Stars Properties

(eng, 31 Kb)
Gertsenberger S.
Simulation of the Straw Detector in the NA64 Experiment for the Muon Run

(eng, 28 Kb)
Prokhorova D., Andronov E.
String Fusion Mechanism and Studies of Correlations

(eng, 32 Kb)
Naik L. J., Sreekanth V.
Second Order Viscous Hydrodynamics within an Effective Kinetic Theory and Thermal Particles from QGP

(eng, 32 Kb)
Shulha S. G., Budkouski D. V.
Simulation of Measurement of Quark, Gluon and Unidentified Jet Fractions in Jet Sample at the LHC

(rus, 164 Kb)
Eremkina I., Rogov V., Sergeev S., Yurevich V.
Development of the SiPM Power Supply Unit

(eng, 33 Kb)
Salamatin K.
Data Acquisition System of the NA64 Experiment

(eng, 31 Kb)
Smolyanin T., Egorov D., Nagdasev R., Shutov V.
Monitoring and Control System for the SRC Experiment at BM@N

(eng, 32 Kb)
Boytsov A. Yu., Butenko E. A., Donets E. E., Donets D. E., Malyshev N. A., Ponkin D. O., Ramzdorf A. Yu., Rassadov D. N., Shutov V. B.
Cathode Assembly Electronics Development for Electron String Ion Sources (ESIS)

(eng, 31 Kb)
Alhassan S., Beliavskii S. V., Nesterov V. N.
Core-Optimization of RITM-200 Reactor Fuel Considering Thorium Fuel Cycle

(eng, 32 Kb)
Chebotov A., Degtyarev A., Gertsenberger K., Klimai P.
REST API and Web Interface for the Event Metadata System of the BM@N Experiment

(eng, 37 Kb)
Bushmina E., Bulavskaya A., Grigorieva A., Miloichikova I., Tatarchenko M., Stuchebrov S.
The Study of the Possibility of the Electron Beam Depth Dose Distribution Formation by the 3D-Printed Plastic Bolus

(rus, 101 Kb)