Saint István Day in Hungary

Organization, 20 August 2023

On 20 August, Hungary, an Associate Member of JINR, celebrates Saint István Day, the main state holiday.

Hungary is one of the 11 founding states of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. Hungarian scientists are currently involved in all the main areas of 12 topics of the JINR Topical Plan 2023, including such scientific fields of theoretical physics as fundamental interactions of fields and particles, the theory of nuclear systems, the theory of complex systems and advanced materials. Scientists from Hungary study the interaction of neutrons with nuclei and the neutron properties, new nanomaterials using both the IBR-2 reactor and accelerated heavy ion beams in FLNR.

Hungarian researchers take part in the development of a conceptual design of a new pulsed fast reactor NEPTUN at JINR and the traditional Dubna International Advanced School of Theoretical Physics (DIAS-TH). The Budapest Neutron Centre (BNC) in Hungary, as well as JINR, is part of the international programme GNeuS (Global Neutron Scientist), aimed at the development and financing of research that involves neutron scattering methods.

The Directorate of the Institute congratulates Hungarian colleagues on Saint István Day and wishes them and their loved ones good health, happiness, prosperity, new successes and achievements for the benefit of science and progress!