Science Through the Looking Glass on Dubna embankment

News, 31 May 2023

The Joint Institute and the Teleset company cordially invite you to the opening of the exhibition Science Through the Looking Glass.

The event will be held on 3 June at 5:00 PM in the central alley of the Mendeleev embankment in Dubna.

These people [JINR scientists] are able to do the magic to create new elements, matters, and materials. We long to see at least some of these creators, to spy on them to find out how they do wonders, to learn what they see on the way to their mysterious laboratories. Let’s see science through the looking glass together and plunge into the magic of big science,” the description of the exhibition says.

Visitors of the exhibition will see the photos made by industrial photographer Mark Kozhura. They depict not only JINR scientists at their work, scientific facilities and devices, but also the laboratories and scientific buildings located in the closed territory of the Joint Institute.

As part of the festive opening of the exhibition, an audio guide to the institute part of the city will be presented (1 hour 10 min.) as prepared by Evgeny Eliseev and Daniil Kurnikov together with the Teleset company.